March the 13th came and by GOD was I excited. I’d known about my trip to New York since early December, when a drunken conversation with Duff (boyfriend’s nickname, he’s not a weirdo), had come about. Thinking this was the beer talking, I refused to believe that the dream was happening, right until late Jan when we were booked, soon to be packed, and f***ing off.

Everyone has the dream of visiting the ‘Big Apple’, right? Whether it be for Fashion reasons, living the movie life or just a general tourist holiday, it seriously does NOT disappoint. I’d always longed to visit NY, go in a yellow cab and shamelessly visit Carrie Bradshaw’s house, dreaming that I could be her, crazy bird bridal headpiece and all. So when this day came (Thursday to be precise) I was well and truly ready.

Some eight and a half delayed hours later… we landed in NY. From the air, to the landing, I stared out of the window and did the obligatory ‘who can find the building first?’ game. Obviously, not realising this was Manhattan, not Blackpool. From sunrise to sunset we toured, topped buildings, ate mounds of food, and drank unbelievable amounts of ‘Bud’.

Whilst we were away, I continued to pretend I was all Carrie-esque, it was my 25th Birthday (urgh). This day consisted of a surprise helicopter ride, amazing food at Buddakhan (Sex and the City gaff), and a night time view of the skyline. Duff had well and truly done good and to finish this off all I had to do was visit the Conde Nast headquarters.

Just by chance we had stumbled across the Conde offices, as we scrawled the streets for our way back to MSG. With determination we set out to re-find and capture a photo of the iconic office, which to this day will always be my dream job. If I’m brutally honest I don’t know if it’s the romanticising of fashion in Ugly Betty or my actual love of fashion, but that office to me equals heaven.

The city had well and truly amazed me, sucked me in and made into a New York preaching weirdo. To this day, as stupid as it seems, I am always so amazed at the ability to transfer yourself to somewhere so iconic and different in such a short period of time. Sadly, to some- mainly family, Claire in particular, LOVES (insert cough), to be reminded of every, last, detail, of this trip, and forever and ever will she be. As long as there’s Instagram I’ll preach like a ‘weirdo’ foreverrrr!





Carries House- Feeling too cheesy to do a pose outside, I opted for the more subtle shot? Er, yeah sure Emma…

Hat– Topshop

Sunglasses & Coat-Asos



Well, well, well If I couldn’t of praised this place enough. Conde Nast offices and current home of the legendary Anna Wintour.




That Helicopter ride, Birthday surprises, Duff, and Ridiculous views of downtown Manhattan.


Central Park- Wanting to believe that the cast of Friends would be around the corner, -6 walks, impressive housing, and one chuffed girl.

Coat– Asos, Gap has one similar (but more expensive)

Bandeau Skirt– George @ Asda, as you don’t always have to spend big, right?

Fur lined (faux may I add) snood scarf– The Gap. A beautiful piece with endless amounts of furballs made throughout the day.

Hat-Topshop. Because you seriously DON’T understand just how cold it was.

Shoes- Topshop. Pretending I’m in primary school with thick soles and a patent finish.

Bag- Peacocks. Which to some is amazing, as it resembles the Oh so beautiful Mulberry Alexa.

x Em x


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