So, to tell it straight…I’m beyond obsessed with necklaces whether they are long, thick, thin, statement or dainty- I just can’t get enough. This love began around 4 years ago when I found that a simple change to an outfit could transform it into something new. Low and behold 4 years later: 1 holder, 1 massive wall stand and two handles full, brings you around 100 necklaces in total. You know what…there is no shame!

For the past few seasons statement necklaces have been very apparent within the fashion industry. Fashion icons, models, celebrities, socialites, and more are wearing them day by day. A powerhouse (and secret girl crush of mine) who wears these effortlessly and beautiful time after time, is no other than Olivia Palermo. Although I think it’s fair to say Olivia’s are more than just High street lines.

Like any girl and budding fashion enthusiast we all dream of the labels and the luxurious pieces. However I, Emma Louise Ryan, just like any other normal working girl cannot afford luxury (cue tiny violins). So, as I document my love of necklaces through current trends and designers, I will aim to showcase my own ‘gems’ and alternatives for those of you who going to Topshop or even Primark, is where the splurging ends!

P.s True dedication to the love of a necklace…wearing one on a sunny day… watching a 10k race for 2 hours… word to the wise… Rockin’ out a sunburnt(and painful) twisted shaped neck burn-F.I.T.

Necklace: H & M

Coat: Asos

Floral over-sized tee: Asos

Rollneck: The Gap. 

Remember those overloaded necklace stands I talked about? Well here’s one…er, and that’s just the gold chains…

x Em x


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