I’m not even remotely ashamed to tell you how much I love One Direction, and in particular, Harry Styles. Yes he may be years younger, famous and have ridiculously bouncy curls, but by God I love him. All of this combined with the catchy tunes, well, who wouldn’t love him and his 4 friends?

It all began at a birthday gathering after a few (okay, several) drinks. Next thing you know, BOOM two tickets purchased and two VERY giddy 25 year old girls acting like 7 year olds. Surely Harry would spot me from the crowd and fall in love with me, right?

Friday the 30thof May came, half day booked at work and Charlotte all raring to go. Trying to shake off the feeling that we may be the oldest there? Yeah…that was no problem. Alike me, there was many an older Harry appreciator too, and from the moment we entered the stadium it was filled with screams, from the young to the (trust me) very old. 

I won’t lie, as much as I proclaim my love for One Direction I probably know seven songs in total, and all those being the hits played on the radio. However regardless of this, the combinations of the atmosphere, Cider and screaming fans all amounted to an amazing night. One to be remembered and one to allow me to continue to admire Harry Styles ridiculously.  As really, who would have thought a curly haired, skinny boy could pull off a bandana?

The opener.


Standing shot: Cider, Children’s shoes and a whole lot of excitement.


Comfort at the Ethiad.


Jacket: Florence and Fred @ Tesco

Oversized Shirt: Topshop (past season)

Cropped Black Jegging: The Gap

Jewellery: Dorothy Perkins

Patent Doll shoe:Topshop

x Em x


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