Okay, so maybe Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle weren’t referring to Jelly shoes when they penned this song, but what a bloomin’ catchy line?!  If you’ve looked around shops, stared at passer-by’s feet or even checked a magazine recently, you’d know that jelly shoes are the pretty in thang this season.  From the low end fast fashion shops to the designer goods, Jelly shoes are one of the ‘in’ shoes of the moment.

Myself, well, I’ve loved a jelly shoe probably from the age of 9, when I constantly nagged and nagged for a silver speckled pair with a floral badging on top. Luckily my brattish ways (and Sue’s pushover attitude) enabled me to bag a pair and the love has run on ever since!  GET IN.

As of recently the old summer sandals have come back with a bang, from Birkenstock’s, sliders and of course, my beloved Jelly. Some aren’t to like the jelly shoe but it’s completely undeniable that they are SO comfy.  From Primark to JuJu and the beyond beautiful Sophia Webster, the jelly shoe is a summer fashion staple. From the affordable to the unaffordable a jelly to me is a classic piece that can be transferred year to year. As seen in my collection below, not all fashion has to be at a ridiculous price, but I won’t lie it would be absolutely smashin’ if someone bought me the coloured heels- I LOVE YOU SOPHIA WEBSTER.

The ‘Rosa’– £210 and worth EVERY penny.






The New purchase, Culottes and Gold.


Flat and Black, the staple Jelly.

JuJu: £10.00, Asos.

The current collection.

JuJu, Primark, Peacocks and Office….soon to be Sophia Webster 😉


The power of the Jelly- press insert, Elle Magazine.


x Em x







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