Six thirty came, a ridiculously annoying ringing bell sounded, and I found my arms flapping around attempting to smack my phone into silence. By God, this was too early.

Starting the internship at 11am I found myself over preparing, by waking early, showering, eating some chocolate for breakfast and neckin’ a bottle of diet coke- real classy. Grabbing my brolly ( yes it was still raining) and heading out the door, I was overly enthusiastic and off to get the metro about one and a half hours too early…sad? Oh yes, but fully prepared for any delay or wrong turn in true spazzy Emma style.

Arriving at the front door of the building, noticing it was serviced apartments and freaking out that yes, I’d managed to find it,I’d also then thought erm, what if this is like a Taken situation and I’m about to get kidnapped? Yes Emma, because Liam Neeson is waiting to rescue you.Standing in front of me was a true Parisian girl: long hair, red lips and envious confidence. As I slyly followed her into the building, pressing the snazzy lift button, it became clear we were here for the same reason. *Ping*, we’d arrived- level three, apartment seven, a dark glossed wooden door swung open with too many boxes on show….was this the internship? It’d hit home, was this my job?

After evaluating my surroundings (for literally a second), a warm, friendly American voice appeared, hand held in front and a beaming smile from ear to ear. What’s ridiculous is that all I could think about was the fact she looked so pretty and refreshed considering she’d just stepped off a 9 hour flight- j.e.a.l.o.u.s. Her name was Reagan and her co-worker Melissa, they were the “boss” and the people who for 8-9 hours a day we’d learn to follow their every move and think not only for ourselves, but them.

Throwing my bag to the floor we were thrown right into the deep of it, with no time to relax or ‘bond’, it was time to get to the beginning-unpacking the ridiculously amazing and expensive dresses. As we unpacked in military operation, we hung items onto rails, steamed,merchandised and stared in awe, as un-amazing to some as it may seem, it was in actual fact so , so much fun. As the day drew to a close we had all managed to pick our favourite items, dreamt of robbing them by shimmying down the nearest drainpipe and were fully ready for the next and most important day.

Day two came and went in a massive, busy blur, from arrivng at 10:30am to waiting for the lift at end of the day, it’d sure been tiring but also giddily exciting. Throughout the day we were all stationed to different posts(to which we grabbed ourselves), I’d managed to nab the post of helping assist the sales directors in their meetings, allowing me to see the inner worknings of both sales and buying, to garment selection. To some this may seem the boring aspect of the jobs to do, but it was either this, dress the models (also majorly exciting), pass the clothing through to fitting or the ever lasting boring job of making tea and coffee. Jumping straight into my role, I advised the client, helped pull items, filled out purchase sheets and even helped with price points-mundane yet more interesting than you would think! As the day drew to a finish, models departed( for Chanel shoots) and we went on our way, my last day was truely inspiring. Although no jobs offers would ever be made, payment or dress given (cue crying,) the reward I found was in figuring out my passion.

My love for clothes, styling and creative work was always within from an early age,I just didn’t have the confidence within to push forward .However, in the words of the Nutty Proffessor, this was to change and I’d need to believe that- YES. I.CAN. This internship allowed me to explore the basic areas of fashion and it’s industry, regardless of it’s glossy demenour, I gained the experience on the true reality of working behind the scenes and the processes that make high fashion. Alebit the glossy side was over shadowed by hard work, actual “graft” and long, long hours, but I’d realised that this is where I want to be and is truly my passion- Why thankyou Zacposen. and Bon Voyage Paris!

Room with a view? The Zacposen showroom and ” home” for two days.



Iconic , amazingly crafted and with a ridiculously small waist- Hello the Dita Von Tease, Met Ball ’14 dress.



The actual dress of my dreams at a small price of $21,688, Duff(the boyfriend) will buy me one yeah?



Holly’s Cream dream, an array of Zacposen beauties and a Carrie Bradshaw worthy dress.





The Room of a fashion lovers dream, Instagram filtered and Zacposen ‘liking’ it. Oh yes.




On to the next one…?

x Em x







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