‘A light rubber-soled canvas shoe, worn especially for sports.’- until now. Introducing the shoe of the moment, The Plimsoll.

Every budding fashionista, high street lover (or high end, if you’ve got the dollar), will and should know of this shoe-this shoe being the plimsol. For years people deemed this type of shoe as something that only certain types of people could wear( to the narrow minded, they were the skater chics).Not realising their true star power and how in years to come not only would Vans be making a few million but other fashion brands too.

Loving a comfy (yes, it’s official, I’m old) choice of footwear, I just couldn’t resist in trying the new trend. As much as I lusted over the ever so beautiful Jimmy Choo sole, £325 just aint cuttin’ it in my budget. Desperately searching for the copy, I’d hit the high street and thought of no other first, than good ol’ Topshop. What I wasn’t to know is that my giant feet were so big the size 7 crippled, and the size 8 were, well… actual canoe boats. After several times of trying to squish my feet into the Topshop beauties, I’d come to the realisation it just wasn’t meant to be. If only they’d fit, as they were an exact replica of the three hundred and twenty-five pounders that I’d lusted over FOREVER. Okay, slightly dramatic but you catch my drift…

Somehow I’d managed to stumble onto a pair that not only added a little edge, detailing and soft textured colour, but one’s that actually fit- wahay H and bl***y M! These stunners had managed to catch my eye on my world-wind trip to Paris, where not only had I bagged the internship of a lifetime but some plims at the bargain of £15.00. In your face Mr Choo! Slipping them on day after day (I may as well live in them), I managed to style the shoe around either work wear, casual or dressy’ish outfits. The ability to interchange them with several outfits only adds to my love of the plim and pushes me to purchase more- HELLO Primark. Going from one end of the spectrum (lusting only, obviously) to the great ol’ £4 bargain.

A weekend away consisting of rambling, eating and oh so much drinking, I’d realized the essential footwear I wore(whilst repeatedly pouring large glasses of wine), was my H & M plim. On a whim, and after a liiiiiittle to drink, we decided to “shoot” the plims and my whole outfit. Allowing you to see just how easily they could be worn- you lucky sods! Plimsols at present are pretty much my footwear of choice and as the kids used to say, I.D.D.S.T.

The favourite Plim: H & M, £15.00, faux snakeskin leather.



Plim shot, the outfit builder:

*3/4 Sleeve, long length, Orange Mareno jumper: Gap
*Thick knit sheen comfort legging: H&M, £14.99




Up close and personal, the fod:

*Statement Necklace: Topshop, £25.00
*”Sunnies”: Primark, £2.50 with case.

Overview: Plimsolls and accessories.

My addiction, good ol’ statements:

The new Plim purchase…

*Bargain, Primark, £4.00, multi-stitched and funky(excuse the pale gail feet)
Worn with:
-Gap, grey wash jegging jean, £45.00
– Zara, Black chiffon loose fit blouse, £24.99

 x Em x


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