We’d be lying if we pretended that the social media aspect of every persons life isn’t growing day by day. From Facebook to Instagram, Pinterest to Twitter, there’s always a app to proclaim your presence, and in so many different ways.
Social media is the new “in” way to market brands and surprisingly, even yourself! Allowing the consumer, and ever growing social media lover, to stalk (okay, watch closely…) every happening of their chosen ‘prey’. Being a total addict myself I can fully relate to the desire and need to refresh Instagram at a ridiculous amount of times per day. Every person has their own love of media/apps, or to some they may have none (as unlike me they most probably have a life…). It’d be ridiculous to not mention that the key front runner in this race was, dum, dum dum(drumroll please), Instagram! Created in 2010 by two men, Kevin and Mike, an app that would without a doubt completely change social media as we know it and incoming from this, came the bloggers.

Blogging can vary to a variety of topics yet from intensive searching (and somehow arriving onto several profiles later), it’s noticeable that the key frontier of the bloggers is that of Fashion. Easily accessible and easy to create, the fashion blogger both Male and Female can build a world selling a product, brand, themselves or even their skills. Many bloggers today find that their skills, and position within social media can bring them in the big bucks(ka-ching).

Becoming a successful blogger isn’t easy and it sure as hell doesnt happen overnight but with constant love of the cause and a laptop aside, you can succeed. Some bloggers at the ” front of the game” right now admit that it has taken from three to four years to build up their profile and reach these incredible highs. For a newcomer blogger like myself you crave the ability to speak your passion, crave for some admiration but also realise the endless and tiring battle with your laptop after work. As let’s be honest- lets not give up the day job jusssst yet!

Through extensive( okay, ridiculous amounts of Instagram stalking), I’ve come to find who the key bloggers of the moment are, with the most enviable lives, travelling and free goods, they seem to have it all!

Top Bloggers of 2014 and majorly loved by myself:
1. Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad- www.theblondesalad.com

2. Kristina Bazan- www.kayture.com

3. Sincerely Jules- www.sincerelyjules.com

4. Negin Mirsalehi- www.neginmirsalehi.com

5. We Wore What- www.weworewhat.com

Blogging now is not only seen as a hobby but a great source of income and profitability. Allowing the ‘artist’ to create, style, showcase their trends/lifestyle, clothing and more, whilst advertently helping a brand to reach new and existing consumers. Some bloggers reach such a ‘high’ that they have the ability to create and design pieces of their own- what a way in! Having said this, as much as I am admittedly an easy target for any marketer, I am in awe and admiration how a new form of exploration of fashion is found. As we all understand the fashion industry is highly competitive (and now is blogging), where you would have to battle at the paving stone of Conde Nast for any internship, you are now able to reach a level of acceptance into fashion just by the tip tap of your fingers. Bravo to the above girls, they truly are an inspiration.

Let’s be honest, to live and work within your ultimate dream is beyond impressive and utterly inspiring, now please….wish me luck!

The “team”- Myself, Abi: the photographer and Charl: The copywriter.


x Em x


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