August payday rolled round and I couldn’t hide my excitement any longer. Day two of money being in my bank and I’m off shopping… In my defence, Primark is that cheap, so, am I really spending money?( I’m deluded, I know).

Bounding through the doors of Primark, I scanned around quickly, picking out things that I loved at first glance. Oh, and five minutes later my hands were FULL TO THE BRIM. Shoes, tailored pants, ribbed knit jumpers and more, I was totally off ‘on one’. Sometimes a hit or miss and it’s guaranteed you have to find the’ diamond in rough’ but affordable, on point, trend aware items, is where Primark is at. Seen through my pointed toe heel obsession, soon to be blogged(you’ll think I’m sad).Five pairs is okay, right?

Coats are massive for Fall ’14, with pops of red in a tied waist, boxed shaped peach tones and the black long duster, there’s a coat for all. If your like me you’ll love to wrap up for the winter and to me, the thicker and chunkier the better. However, when this little ‘duster’ beauty “fell” into my hands during my Primark raid, I couldn’t of been more happy. Selling at a good ol’ £12.00 in comparison to Topshop at £55, I was one happy Emma. Come Saturday 6th September and my coat had its rollin’ out party. Slightly resembling the matrix and far too hot for layers in a pub, I bashed it out with pride. Primark, you’ve done me well, see you next payday….

The outfit:

Duster Coat, black: Primark- £12.00

Floral Peter Pilotto long sleeved shirt:Netaporter- £22.00

Tailored jogger, black: Primark- £10.00

Chunky chain, gold: H & M-£7.00

Dainty chain, silver twist: Topshop- £3.50

Fuscia Pointers, Primark: £9.00

Woven clutch(past season), Zara-£25.00

       x Em x


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