Okay, so this blog post isn’t to be long, detailed and drawn out with current trends, bla, bla, bla. Because if I’m honest, I’m so, so tired from sittin’ on my ass watching soaps and eating meringues, I just can’t do it tonight. So, I give you…a quick update into the life of moi, as of recently…

Scrollin’ on down my Instagram feed, I kept on goin’ to see if there was any inspiration for my new hair. From my Ombre last year to a short cropped bob this year, I was desperately needing a change. In the past I’d always had the trim of the ends ( longing to keep the length), few layers thrown in and a side fringe with the occasional full fringe thrown in for good measure. Which by the way just never stopped kinking. Hello Emma and your wispy God damn hair. So, as I was saying… as I stalked hair clips, magazines and fellow bloggers, I’d noticed how full, luscious and great the fringe was lookin’ with long length hair, darkened tone and with a hint of red, I’d decided it was what I needed.

Friday, 3:30pm and off I popped to the Hairdressers, awaiting my fate to see if I could not only pull off an even thicker fringe, but seriously could I keep it? Harder to manage and with my larger sweaty fod, would it really be looking so ‘cool’. Either way, come 5:35pm, £46.00 lighter and off I strutted (or so I like to think),out the hairdressers with not a care in the world. Gin to look forward to and a new on point hair doo. I’d come to the conclusion that who cares if it’s harder to manage? Who cares if it’s most probably going to stick to my head like cheese string? Because, who doesn’t love a bloody cheese string!

The full frontal shot.
Top, Topshop £15.00- knot added for cropped styling.
Pants, Primark £9.99
Necklace, Topshop £25.00

The poser shot- pretending to be all model like( not happenin’).


The “action” shot ( Gin fulfilled dancin’)




Slightly resembling a wig in the last photo?  The fringe is here to stay.

x Em x



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