At 25 and after years of hidin’ away from writing, I finally pushed myself to start this blog. And as challenging as I thought it would be, oh boy was I wrong. It turns out it’s just a ridiculously good way to jot down your thoughts. I know, I know what you’re thinking is that every ” budding fashionista” (and their dog), blogs about everything from their clothing right down to their house. Except for me it feels a little, tiiiiiiny bit different.

At a young age I’d realised (if I’m honest) that I wasn’t too gifted in the education department. Not because I had a disability, was naughty or wreckless as a young kid, but simply because it just didn’t come easily as other friends. Sometimes I was confused as to if this was laziness but years later I’ve come to realise that I just didn’t have the true confidence in my ability. That or boredom to the topics I had to do. This also occurred in the case of writing.

Many, many years later finding myself pursuing English right on through to my degree, I still always ‘had a bash’, at it. Disappointingly gaining feedback from teachers noting how I needed to correct my grammar, punctuation and always must read through. My confidence seemed to go in a bipolar action, from high to extremely low. I’d always thought this was my error in education (and it probably was), but I’ve come to realise that with persistence, a love of what your writing about (a great sister and friend for proof reading), that you can grow. There is always a time for change and should the change occur and your confidence soar when you’re following a passion, then thank bloody God (finally, Emma). Guaranteed if someone say’s they read my blog, I absolutely cringe, but at least it’s a big, red, blotchy face through flattery. Which leads me to….

A few posts back I’d told you how I had started writing for an E-commerce magazine in London. Roll on up Amor magazine. Since then (and 4 months passing), I still continue to do so! 
As I write and review on both here and the magazine I thought it necessary to publish some posts to link you through to the magazine itself . Many years ago (as a young Emma Ryan) I’d always dreamed of working within editorial (Ugly Betty and her unrealistic world spurred me on). Yet as you grow older and life changes you seem to realise that sometimes that dream doesn’t come true (sad I know). However, whether it be paid or unpaid (like me), the joy comes with the satisfaction of doing something you love. So, after possibly my cheesiest post to MAN, please find links to some of my recent articles!





x Em x


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