Around a month ago I’d purchased this faux leather, khaki, pencil skirt from River Island. Without a party to go to or an event in which I could wear it without appearing wayyy over dressed, it set up camp in the wardrobe. Pretty much sounds like I lead a boring life, yeah? Well, roll on to Saturday gone an invite to a suprise 30th and the beauty was bashed on out! I know what you’d be thinking, Emma it’s a leather skirt not a giant yellow fur coat, you could wear this anytime, even during the day. However, this was certified as a non-day skirt and oh, yeah definately more formal as I found out 20 mins into wearing it. Once I’d arrived at the party, bought myself a Gin and settled on in…yeah, I couldn’t sit down. Oh, and going up a step? Yeah, that wasn’t so easy either. Absolute waddle central, walking like a duck whilst trying to appear all put together and alluring in leather-ha no, no Emma.

Apart from the skirt still being amazing and re-afirming my love of leather, it also allowed myself to come to this final conclusion: Kim Kardashian, you fitted, bodycon lover, I bloody applaud you!


Faux leather pencil skirt- River Island, £30.00

T-shirt– Mango, £22.00 (old season)

Snakeskin heels– Trusty pointers, Primark, £12.00

Fringed bag– H&M, £19.99

Necklaces: H&M, £7.00




Sneaky taxi shot

Adding the duster for a bit of warmth

x Em x


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