Okay, so I’m possibly the worst blogger ever at the moment….I’d promised to update a Sunday styling selfie, every Sunday and well, I’ve not. In my defence, I’ve moved house, busy with work and poorly. Nah, who am I kiddin’ I need to up my game. As of tomorrow, Tuesday 21st of October, I hereby promise to update my blog and start to provide the weekend selfie. Only thing is, it might be a Saturday selfie? As i’ve found recently my Sunday clothing ain’t been so glam…borderline depressing. With a Gin headache and dust-fufilled clothing from luggin’ boxes, I ain’t going to be lookin’ so fresh. Trust me when I say this, that no-one wants to see that!

So, see you this week( whoever actually reads this, thanks btw). To find updates or styling options I’ve worn recently head to ‘today I’m wearing’. A new app that i’m totally obsessed with…like Instagram but made plain and simple for the outfit sharing and fashion obsessive community!

Have a little peak and be a nosy sod like me….

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x Em ‘the slacker’ Ryan x


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