I’ve recently gained greeeeeat amounts of love for certain trends. Yeah, I know most “fashionistas” do, but this is one of my ABSOLUTE faves. Roll on up…fur(faux, as c’mon I’m not rich).In my last post I’d blogged about my love of the new khaki, leather, River Island skirt. Since then I’ve wrote an article for Amor on the beauty of a roll neck and therefore I MUST write on fur.

When I ramble on about my love of fur I don’t mean that I wear this 24/7, as if I’m honest it’s mainly bashed out in the colder months when an oversized coat, knitted bobby hat and fur neck piece are welcomed. Rockin’ around in the Summer with some faux fur around my neck would not only look pretty ridic, but I’d be seriously s.w.e.a.t.y.

This year has seen this beaut of a trend come in at full force. Thin strapped stiletto’s with a fur trim, fur clutch bags and oversized scarves all topping the list. Out of all of these scarves have always been my favourite and a true winter style staple. Although the fur trim shoe is a total beauty and the clutch adds a new dimension to an outfit, I cant help but feel the scarf is easily transferable from year to year. With faux fur trims for coats being re-vamped and re-produced in a new colour pallet as the years swing by, so that they identify with the seasons trends. Throughout the years I’ve slowly added more and more fur trims into my life. Going from electric blue, sand dust and camel, adding to any outfit that might need ‘sprucing’ up. With my eyes already set on a new, longer and luscious trim in mind blowing(Kim K copying), striking red.

Faux fur as we know is a more affordable option and with my beady little eyes, the pricing can be lower than the rest. From TK Max to Amazon, the pricing comes at a lesser purse stretching rate, as the ‘fast fashion’ Gods known as Topshop still set the bar a liiiiittle bit high. I’m not one for being stingy, but when you can penny pinch and get the goods, you make sure you get them, right?


The investment:

Gap snood, £29.99

The bargain buy:

TK Max, £12.99

Fur styled shot(a day of eating too many carbs-lard ass)


The “higher” end faux fur:

Topshop, £30.00

Basic beauty:

Amazon, £6.98

Take ya pick ladies?

x Em x


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