Basically, every week, I like many others, stalk my Instagram feed, media outlets etc and come across many stylish people. Whether it be a stylist, everyday woman, blogger, celebrity or another, I judge(don’t we all). With this, it either renews my faith in their beauty and evolution of style, provides me with some influence, or simply makes me think…WHAT THE HELL? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

Each week I aim to write a blog, basic or detailed on my love of this chosen person. As “quirky” and individual as you may be, we all still need a little influence. Therefore, my style crush of week one goes to, dum, dum duuuuum…

Margot Robbie… Jesus, what a woman….

Woman of the year awards, 2014

Wearing: Canary yellow by Rosie Assoulin.

My absolute fave

Wearing: Prada, 2014

Margot off duty-London town

Wearing: Topshop

Stakes day, Australia 2014

Em x


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