In my previous post I’d noted how we received great goods at the ridiculously amazing Fashionchick party. From Dorothy Perkins necklaces and scarves, to new nails, phone covers and a Boohoo gift voucher. But being my usual dopey self… I’d forgot to even activate the voucher. One month later and boom I’d finally bought something extra special. And you know what? I shamefully got excited upon it sliding through my letter box, as like every girl it was delivery day, wahay! Lo and behold my delightful purchase…

Alright, I understand it aint’ the actual coat or one of major resemblance of Joseph and his actual technicoloured dream coat, but it’s damn right special. Who doesn’t love a quilted, multi-patched waistcoat? Yeah, I know what you’ll be thinking, most lads from the 1980’s did with a curtain fringe, but I, Emma Ryan, LOVES IT.

Below is a little shot of the beauty and my description of what I aim to wear alongside it. Keep an eye out for an outfit shot.

Waistcoat, £20.00, Boohoo.


Link to purchase.Go on, ya’ know you want to :

To be worn with, for day:

High waisted, black, skinny-fit jean

White, slouch, v-neck T

Dainty, gold necklaces

Black plimsols

To be worn with, for night:

Black, high waisted culotte

Black, thin strapped camisole( one corner tucked in)

Thick, gold chain
Strapped heel in Peach, Missguided(my soon to be, treat to myself…)-

x Em x


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