Alliteration at it’s bloody finest right there ?Or just my way of being o.t.t as per? Either way, this event surely wasn’t one to be missed. Trust me, the free flowing champagne, amazing bloggers and all the goodies to boot. ABSOLUTE HEAVEN.

Around a month ago, I’d found the ‘Manchester bloggers’ page and decided it was time to up my blogging game. Snooping around, ‘liking’ posts and pretty much stalking other bloggers, I was determined to try and “network”. Roll on a few days later, emails pingin’ in my inbox and It was event central. The first one being the one and only, Fashionchick festive party. My very first blogger meet up and one to set the bar ridiculously high. All I can say is that it was an absolute, champagne fulfilled, amazing blur. Blur yes, but don’t get me wrong, not a drunken blur. An anxious yet excited for the ‘new’ ways, blur. Guaranteed I was a little tipsy after only eating fruit all day( damn you slimming world) and with the waiter constantly topping up my drink, the reality and greatness of being a blogger was slowly sinking in. Not only do you gain amazing gifts, but you also gain a connection and bond with other ladies in the very same position. Being a ‘newbie’ blogger myself and feeling the warmth of the other blogger girls reception, just make me affirm that this is the path I want. As to do something you love and be happy within this, well, that’s all we ever really want?

Anyway, back to the story…as I strolled on in to the party, champagne in hand and ‘schmoozin’ around, I’d scanned the room and noticed several things to do. The amazing Boohoo( like you don’t know who it is…), Dorothy Perkins, Fashionchick and beauty bars to perfect your every need. New nails anyone? Er, HIYA.

If anyone knows me they’ll understand why I’d immediately flocked to the Dorothy Perkins table. With beautiful necklaces galore and sequined encrusted clothing, I was in actual heaven. As I mingled and chatted they’d made me up a goodie bag, told me I was the manc-est person there( compliment or not?), to pick whatever I want and stand for a photo with the clothing. Not realising this is what happens/ being ridiculously naïve, I was at an absolute loss for words. Except in true Emma style once they’d passed me the goodies, I finished off the convo with the word ‘Jesus’. Don’t get it wrong, I’m not a blasphemer, I just simply didn’t understand that these were seriously going to be alllll mine.

New nails done, goodie bag in hands, and off I popped to the Boohoo table. With clothing that was a treat to the actual eye, I brushed on through the rack deciding what could be my next purchase( or on my Xmas list). After totalling up items in my head and grabbing another drink I rambled into the ear of possibly the nicest Boohoo worker, Hannah. Thinking to myself, Oh dear God Emma, don’t appear tipsy, we talked and talked and it furthermore re-affirmed not only my love for Boohoo but for Fashion. And that there is a way in for everyone, it’s just finding that way.

Two hours later, after mingling, drinking and eating posh canapés, I’d decided it was time to leave. With the party slowly dying down and my ride outside to pick me up, I’d have to be off. As I set off out the door(trying to look like I can actually walk in heels), a Fashionchick worker handed me yet ANOTHER goodie bag, and what I was to find inside was ever. Finishin’ off the night with a Barburitto(classy girl that I am), cross legged on the livin’ room floor, I delved into my goodies. And boy oh boy are they a treat! See below for the (Select) pictures I actually took, as overwhelmingly good of a time I was havin’, photo’s slipped my mind…You know what…? If this was a normal blogger party, to me the bar is now set so extremely high, and now others have seriously got a high target to beat!

Beginning to the end…

OOTD shot, wearing:

Faux leather joggers- H&M
Black roll neck- Primark
Trusty Heels- Zara
Overly worn waistcoat- The Gap

In the details:

Encrusted necklace- H&M
Scooped golden- Primark

Boohoo beauties:

Sequins galore- Hello Xmas

Rockin’ out the Fashionchick red carpet

 Dorothy Perkins fave pieces. Available to buy online now with 30% off! Blogger Dilate and me, rockin’ our coats.



 Few of the #Fashionably festive hauls(bar the wine, don’t judge I needed it…)


My ultimate fave of the haul. Adding to my faux fur obsession, roll on in the burgundy collar-
retailing at £18.00

Outfit choices, wearing:

High rise, black, cigarette pants- Primark
Denim over-sized shirt, The Gap
Suede, tan, fringed necklace- H&M
Snakeskin plimsolls- H&M

Lookin’ slightly anaemic/need to be applyin’ the tan…

Work wear fur wearin’:

Basic, black t-shirt- New Look
Pink, fuscia skirt- Topshop
Necklace, vintage style- Topshop



Cheers to Fashionchick!



x Em x


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