If you’re a sad girl like me, you’ll have got the title of this post straight away. Referring to Jennifer Paige and her old song ‘crush’, I thought it completely relatable to this piece. As, well, it’s about my girl crush of the week, obv.

Rollin’ on up this week, workin’ her mannish style, structured , love a suit and thick rimmed glasses. Dum, dum, duuuuum… Jenna Lyons. Not only is this woman ridiculously stylish, but she’s a true sucession in herself. From working behind the till of J.Crew to being right at the top dog chair, she’s an inspiration to all whether it be in her clothing or career.

If you’re a girly girl, appreciate a lot of makeup and wearing pink, Jenna may not be your cup of tea. However, she bloody is mine. Below is a collection of seriously on-point outfits which show Jenna for her uniquely fashionable style that in turn has transformed J.Crew. For me, there seriously is no ‘yay or nay’ for this woman and she constantly provides inspiration, but have a little look and see what you think…

Workin’ the casual everyday look


Ankle cut jean
Basic T
Grey over-sized blazer
Camel over sized coat, worn on shoulders(new “in” thing)
Ankle strap, black pointers

Tailored at it’s finest

Ankle cut tapered teal pant
Striped low front cami
Navy blue fitted blazer
Silk clutch
Black Pointers





Bashin’ out the faux fur favourite of the season

Standard ankle cut cropped pant in Tan
White, over-sized on the sleeve, shirt
Faux caramel fur, gilet

The favourite of ALL favourites. The absolute dream and wedding style inspiration.

Location: Solange Knowles wedding celebration
Soft, camel, feathered maxi skirt for texture
Loose, white shirt for femininity
Standard fur coat on shoulder.


x Em x



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  1. December 7, 2014 / 6:48 pm

    Thanks guys. I'd been nosying at yours too, it's a gooden 🙂 xx

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