So, if you’re like me you’ll be runnin’ around town like a headless turkey( oh, ha-ha I’m very funny), trying to find the perfect gifts, one bloody day before Christmas. For some this is the only option due to their pay date being so late. For some it’s simply as they’re heads up their bum, and alike me they need to get it sorted, pronto.

As you rush around the supermarket, clothes shop etc, you find that your staring at several items and thinking of who to give it to. Unless you’ve got a list, then aint you God damn good! For those of you who aint so great and need a little inspiration, here’s a few gifts for both the man and woman in your life, from the young to the elderly. Because, well, everyone deserves a little Christmas gift….

The lucky ladies

The Perfume Shop, £51.50 & up

Embellished beauties: Asos, £42.00 (Sale)|sale|twinkletoes|edit

For all- The Snowman dvd, Amazon, £5.00

For that special guy

A gadget lovers dream: Google chrome cast, Amazon, £30.00

Topman treats, the Christmas shirt, Topman, £32.00


And if all fails…stick to what you know…BEER

Merry Christmas!

x Em x


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