A song about money but a tune so relevant for this little beauty’s name. Known as Mollie King, one fifth of girl group The Saturdays and she truly encaptulates British beauty and ‘bang on’ style. Always a true follower of fashion and in my eyes the front runner of style within the group, Mollie is always onto a winner. With endless beautiful outfits, a beautiful face and a model boyfriend, what more could anyone want? Seriously?

Mollie was always a treat to the fashion savvy eye, yet as of recently her ultimate beauty and ridiculous presence shon through at the BFA( British Fashion Awards) red carpet. With a slicked back doo, a beaded, caramel toned, delight of a dress, she was truly a highlight of the night. Some( okay, me) would say that she even out-shone the true fashion diva’s of the night, one being miss Victoria Beckham. You might think this is shocking but oh no, check good ol’ little Mollie out….

BFA Awards, wearing Patricia Bonaldi @ Harrods

 Mollie by day, Natural History Museum ice rink

Whilst performing with The Saturdays, Mollie usually dresses in tone with the band. Guaranteed this still allows her to look beautiful, but by God it doesn’t do her justice. Below is another guaranteed beautiful Mollie shot along with Mollie inspired items for day.

Casual yet chic, rockin’ the Peter Pan collar

 Mollie inspired items:

All Asos:


Go on try the ‘Mollie’ look…

x Em x



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