Okay, I’ll be straight forward and honest from the get go. This post is about a bag that I am ridiculously in love with. Roll on up my new ,black, faux snakeskin, chain detail bag. Picture the scene… As I was strolling around the prettiest Garden centre I know on a late Friday afternoon( slacking off work yes, but hey I had to use my holidays…), I picked up numerous Christmas baubles, brushed past pretty scarves and then, why hello the beautiful bag appeared to me. Guaranteed some of you may think a. what the hell is a garden centre doing selling bags and b. who you kiddin’ pretending your domesticated and off to buy plants. However, this trip happened to be the best and gained me my greatest find. And to make matters even greater, Sue offered to buy this me for Christmas- win, win. Sue is my mother by the way and for some strange reason myself and Claire(sister) refer to her as this most of the time?

My love for this bag was obvious from the first sighting. However, what most don’t know is that it’s an inspired-lookin’ one of Stella McCartney’s famous bag. So, being the normal, average pauper girl that I am I snapped it right on up, as who would I be kiddin’ unless I somehow win the lottery I wouldn’t ever be getting the real deal. Boo hoo. Therefore for all you ‘normal’ ( okay, I’m not normal as I’m sure my boyfriend would disagree) people, get on out, scour your local garden centre’s or maybe even tea rooms, as their is gems to be found. Such gems that can complete not one but maaaany an outfit and at a much lesser cost than the beautiful Stella version. You’d be stupid to miss out, so go on let’s all become a bargain bag hunter until we become ridiculously rich.

My beauty of a bag

-Soft, black, faux snakeskin leather with silver chain detailing.


Available with fringing also.

The real deal…

-Available in several colours and from shopper to clutch.
To buy online at: www.selfridges.co.uk

In case your feeling flush…the leather Blue option is now reduced to £385…

x Em x



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