Who doesn’t love a bloomin’ sing along and what an appropriate tune. Maybe it’s not late December back in 1963, but it sure was late December and the time for sequins, velvet and a whole lotta par-tays.

New years eve rolled around, I had to work for half a day and whilst I “worked” I sat anxiously awaiting my panic buy dress to be delivered. This consisted of me constantly checking my Asos update and wondering just WHERE THE HELL GARY WAS. Not that I could take the parcel off him, but when you deal with delivery drivers daily like myself you just want to make sure you defiantly get the goods. Plus, if I didn’t have this dress then what the bejesus was I to actually wear?

So, Gary had done his duty and delivered the dress and come 1pm I nervously drove home. Throwing open the door I ran upstairs,bounding into my bedroom and slamming the door shut I tore open the Asos bag and slipped the dress on out. Hello there black, ribbed bodycon dress, what a little beauty. As I slid the dress onto my body I’d just come to the realisation that it was a liiiitle bit see-through.Great. Who wants to see Emma’s extra Christmas weight rippling through some ribbed material? No-one, that’s who. Baring this in mind it was my best option and the only one that looked a treat with the beautiful sequin and velvet jacket I’d bought especially for NYE.

Come 7:00pm, I swanned around the kitchen giving out glasses, crisps and nibbles(yes, I’m a hostess)sipping my way through a bottle of Prosecco and getting seriously giddy about the night to come. Seven thirty came and it was nearly time to get my dance on (yes, in the semi-see through dress)Oh joy…here we go… 

Needless to say lots of photo’s were done… take a peak for yourself of a selected few…NYE 2014 you were a treat!

Outfit details:

-Sequin/Velvet, Black jacket- Topshop, £25.00 (sale bargain,wahay)

-Black, high-neck, ribbed, ankle dress- Asos, £31.00

-Fuscia, pointed heels (trusty heels worn ALL the time)- Primark, £9.00

-Tan, faux crocodile clutch with gold clasp- Warehouse, £32.00 (old season)

-Encrusted and bejewelled necklace- Warehouse, £24.00

Accessories close up:

Friendship shot:

These guys though…

P.s my hair was an attempt on the slicked back ‘Mollie’ look from my previous post. I’ll get it right one day… 😉

x Em x


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