Apple PC you say? Oh no, no…my wonderful treat of a Christmas present! Okay, so this Christmas gift probably should have been blogged three weeks back when I actually received it, and pretty much wore EVERY DAY. But if I’m honest as much as I’d have loved to, I thought I better leave it some time considering every blogger known to MAN was doing a ‘Christmas haul’. And I can tell you this scrollin’ through that daily with every blogger reiterating the same thing-boring.

Anyway rant over….and hello the mac. Christmas morning, stripping the paper off like there was literally no tomorrow, I came accross this beauty. Knowing I was getting a jacket anyway I delved into the box of presents hoping that it’d be one that i’d love, and boy was I right, as it was an absolute treat. Long in length, pleated, small dog-tooth print and a tie fastening to clinch my waist, I was in coat heaven.

Throwing it on for Christmas day with my new fave rollneck and o.t.t Christmas statement necklace(obv’s) I was ready to roll for pigs in blankets and mounds of chocolate. Ultimately what I found great was how easily transferable this mac actually was. Giving me the options to wear it for different occasions, types of weather and with lots of outfits. From throwing on a jumper underneath to a styling it with a slick shirt and skirt, I was all set for the year to come. So, maaaaaybe it wasn’t suitable for torrential rain but hey, who cares because sometimes fashion down right trumps practicailty. Hello rain soaked, Emma!

Close up shot

The Christmas jewels, Warehouse £24.00


The coat, Asos, price undisclosed( present after all eh)

-Belted to the back, allowing the coat to swing  with less material draping at the front.

Centre clinch, belted at the waist to tuck you in and provide a silhouette.

-Bobble hat, H&M, £7.99
-Chuck Taylors, Converse, £45.00

Being me…the special head that I am…


x Em x



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