Right, let’s get this straight… I aint no beauty blogger. And this aint because it’s not a good thing to be( because it seriously is), but because I am preeeeetty poor with beauty items. Most women lust after new lipsticks, eye pallets, blushers and more. And not to mention, they can do an eyeliner cat flick within 2 wistful hand movements. Well my friends, this does not apply to me. This being the reason why I resemble the look of au natural pretty much 24/7. Trust me when I say this, if I could easily do beauty, oh and hair, I’d bloody be promoting it left right and centre. However, until I can- easy beauty is the name of the game!

As I’ve rifled through my make-up products I’ve found a recurring theme of deep bronzes and sweet pink. Oh and MANY lipsticks. From this rifling I’ve come to the conclusion that products that are basic, quick and easy are those for myself. As I shamefully admit I don’t know my contouring game or which is the best eye brow pencil to use, but I do know that like most women who everyday are running to and fro( or always late like me)- easiness is key. However, I do understand that usually more marketed beauty brands such as Mac, Chanel and more are those that people flock to(including myself). Not that they don’t provide amazing products, but the majority of the time because it’s seen as the ‘norm’ and brand to buy. As one of these people myself I found that I wanted to test a lower brand product, see it’s effect and if I would actually love it. Such low of a beauty brand that some may not have even tried. But a brand that previously had gained many editorials rave review. So, say alo, alo Aldi.

With an array of lipsticks for sale, I stood there staring like an idiot thinking hmmm what colour tickles me fancy. Around fifteen minutes later I stood at the till, paying for my goods and off I went home. With two lipsticks purchased and one lip-gloss I’d found my bargain beauties. For me, the lip is somewhat everything, as it allows me to transform for any time of day. From a soft nude for day to a playful red for night. It’s ability to change an outlook of an outfit or persons persona all in one quick flick is what truly amazes me. Below is a review of my three Aldi lips and more, complete with photo and detailing.

But to summarise in quick- where’s your local Aldi at? Go google Maps that address pronto.

Raring red- Aldi

-A key colour to brighten up any day and outfit.

Creating an alluring style.




Nougat- Aldi

-After trying this I’ve come to realise I like actual nougat and now also the colouring. Win bloody win.

Creating a dark lip with subtle gloss

Fuscia- Aldi (Lookin’ a little bit like I’ve had fillers)

-Slightly tinted with an added lustre effect.

Cheap truly can be cheerful- get in.


Last but not least….Hello Gothic, Topshop

Creating a vampy edge to a day (or night) look.





Overview of products



Conclusion: Bargain beauties can be just as amazing as the over-expensive items. And at such cheap prices why not have a bash?

 x Em x



  1. February 18, 2015 / 9:02 am

    Ooh I really like the fusia one!! V pretty 🙂 you're so tight though, I've been in love with make up revolution products at the moment and they're so cheap! Xx

  2. February 18, 2015 / 2:56 pm

    Love the Nougat and Hello Gothic shades! I'm a serial budget beauty addict, with Benefit being the exception- I just don't have the money to spend on products I might not like so why spend more? xx

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