Some time ago an email popped into my inbox and being the idiot I am, I was like ‘ooooh an event in actual Vegas, yeah can’t afford that’. Erm, Emma it was only Manchester you stupid, stupid girl. After re-reading and realisin’ I’m pretty thick I was really giddy to know I’d be chosen to go! Accepting the invitation and marking it on my calendar, I ticked the days off until the day finally arrived. Lo and behold one month later and BOOM I was in action, come oooon “Vegas”.

Wednesday the 28th came on by and as I excitedly(yet also very rushed), threw on my clothes and makeup after work, I set off on into town excitedly to meeting some of the lovely blogger girls. Being able to attend an event with people who are doing the same thing makes it SO much more comfortable and so, so enjoyable as who wouldn’t want to socialise, work and drink with a bunch of amazing girls.

Held at The Milton club in Manchester and showcasing the Vegas lifestyle; from a makeover, specially designed cocktails, roulette tables and a Britney look-alike, well…what more could you seriously ask for?(Bar being in actual Vegas for all you Witty sods). As if delicious drinks wasn’t enough, bloody Britney performing…WAHAY! Okay, I’m not that Deluded to think it was actually miss Spears herself, but she put on a damn good show.

Some of you may be thinkin’ what the actual hell was this event for? Well, my friends this was for the one and only Thomas Cook. Promoting their new weekly direct flights from Manchester to Las Vegas, they organised a night for true enjoyment for us bloggers. Creating space to en capture just how crazy, amazing and admired Vegas truly is. Yeah, it might be not so good for you gamblin’ folk but from my fake chips at the event, I’ve come to the conclusion I’d be winnin’ loads, so If Duff(BF) wants to be amazing and treat me…. Las Vegas, watch out….maybe ;-).

Below is a few shots from the night… enjoy!
The dellllliscious drinks…

My fave- Cocktail ‘Diva Las Vegas’-sweet with pomegranates’


Winnin’ loads of (fake) money…

Meeting the legend- It’s Britney, bitch.

Meeting these lovelies for the first time- Sass and Beth (excuse my shiiiny cheeks)

And the finale, Photo booth fun

-Photo 1, Myself, Beth & Sass
-Photo 2, Myself & Laura

x Em x


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