Firstly, if you don’t know what ‘NYFW’ means then WHO ARE YOU? Only jokin’, if you seriously don’t know, this means New York fashion week. The week in which starts the ball rollin’ for a month of endless fashion, catwalks and me, Emma, stalking Instagram possibly every five minutes. Catwalk shows are primarily produced by high end designers who hold some kind of royalty in the fashion world. However, more widespread retail brand’s also set up presentations too. This type of showing is usually in the form of a collection viewing. Where all the press, bloggers, celebrities and more come together to witness the new lines for the season. Maybe not as dramatic and eccentric as that of a designer runway, but sometimes it proves to be so much better. With more time to nosy at the pieces of clothing and the ability to touch the garments, it can truly be a great watch.

This type of showcase has been used throughout NYFW for many a person. For example, Adidas and Kanye capsule, Rachel Zoe and now the one and only J.Crew For those of you who don’t know who the hell J.Crew is, well, they are possibly the most iconic, fashion forward  retail establishment known to man. Okay, so Topshop might be up there too, but that is primarily based for the fast fashion, younger styled lady. J.Crew on the other hand seems to make clothes that are very stylish, affordable yet can easily be worn at whatever age you are. 

Headed by the wonderful (and loyal) Jenna Lyons, J.Crew has seen a drastic transformation in both profitability and designing over the past few years. A new era of J.Crew has been placed upon us and by God it’s great. Having worked for J.Crew for many years previous, Jenna was able to incorporate the love of the brand she’d reliably worked for, and her new vision on how to go forward. And with this I show to you the new and upcoming season of their absolutely beautiful items…Next time I’m in London I’ll defiantly be hittin’ it on up. And you know what? If it’s good enough for Olivia Palermo then it’s definitely good enough for me!

A stream of amaaazing clothing…

A dream of textures…

he amazing Jenna Lyons herself…(Black glasses)




 Smartly dressed & sequin combo


My ultimate fave…bold prints & texture


Be sure to drop on..J.Crew


Images are not my own, but taken from Instagram accounts

x Em x


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