Starting out I never actually realised the amazing things that could come with being a blogger. If I’m honest I got into blogging to primarily get some writing skills behind me. To show people that not only did I love fashion, but I LOVE to ramble on. Nearly one year later and I’m still loving every minute whilst also being invited to amazing events. What more could ya average Manc girl bloody want?

BrandedLab PR, a Manchester based fashion PR company had sent me an invite some time ago for a soon to be blogger event. Time rode on and as the event date arrived, I giddily got dressed and headed on into town. With Liz by my side we excitedly walked to the Rosylee tea rooms prepared for beautiful cocktails and endless cakes to make me feel ridiculously fat.

Upon arrival I’d noticed how seriously beautiful this place was. With a relaxed d├ęcor, soft furnishings and a lowly lit room, it surely set a beautiful scene. Swishing cocktails on down and grabbing a few Manchester tarts to eat, this night was seriously off to a winner. They say food is a way to a mans heart, but by God cake must be the way to a woman’s. Hello lard ass, Emma. Over an hour later of talking to fellow bloggers, entering styling competitions and checking out their clients fashion lines, I’d come to love a specific brand. Not only were they all an absolute dream, but NaaNaa seriously was right up my street. After lusting at their clothes for quite some time, I shoved another cake in my pie hole and started to get my makeup done. Opting for a golden, Smokey eye I was trying to learn just how to make my eyes look alluring and a treat for nights out. Turns out from this Saturday, trying to replicate that- very hard. Word to the wise people, never apply when you’ve already drank a lot of Gin. 

As the night drew to a close, myself and Liz were handed a goodie bag and off we went. As far as blogger events go, this one was seriously so good, as cake, cocktails, beautiful clothes and an aaaamazing goodie bag, how could they do wrong? BrandedLab PR, bravo!

The tea rooms- a garden wonderland



The ridiculously amazing, Manchester Tart

Rosylee cocktails

-Elderflower and Lemon


 Excited over sweets? Absolute sad case.



 Testing out the cocktails



 The goodie bag of dreams, Hello beautiful complexion and bronzed body.

-Photo credit: BrandedLab PR Instagram


Last but not least the OOTD shot:

-Coat, Topshop
-High-waisted denim jean, The Gap
-Ballet pumps with golden details, Marks and Spencer
-Faux fur trim, TK Max

x Em x


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