London fashion week, the week of every English girl dreams. Either longing to attend, style or walk within the shows, it’s just an all round treat of an event. However, for most of us the opportunity to attend such fashion week is very out of reach. Therefore I introduce to you…. Marks and Spencer fashion show 2015, Manchester.

Marks and Spencer is the official sponsor of London fashion week, and having known that we all cant attend the shows, they decided to set up a treat of a show in good ol’ Manchester. Invited by the lovely Katie, I was eagerly awaiting Thursday 26th of Feb. With three shows throughout the day, hundreds of people were en captured in the beauty of the new season clothing.

Although I had the amazing privilege of attending the event as a blogger and was treated very special, the actual event was structured in such a great way that not only could invited people attend, but the shoppers of the day too. With no giant walls, restrictions or blockages, the public could nosey on at the beautiful collections too. Showing that the beauty of the clothes should never just be restricted to the certain groups. From the denim on denim, the stripes (personal fave)and cargo, all thee new trends were addressed and by God we’re they a treat.

In previous years (or even to this day) some may have the opinion that M&S is dated and only appealing to the older age bracket. And you know what, each to their own as Marks’ does need to appeal to its core base. However, what it does provide time after time is constant classics. Their ability to re-invent a trend and allow its appeal to translate from the younger generation right on through to the older is truly admirable. With M&S you get quality, passion in design and affordability. What more could you want? And if this collection catwalk was anything to go by, well, I’ll be wantin’ to hit on up M&S!

The outfits (excuse the quality…I was stood behind the scenes…not because I was five minutes late. Honest…)

A 70’s Flare

A Gothic overlay revival, for those nights of dancing.




Stripes, the trend of the season


My favourite by far- Striped culottes and cropped swing top.


                                                 A Rivera dream, belted waist &pastel colours

Possibly the worst photo of myself known to man. Hello chunky face.


-Coat, Asos

-Mesh jumper, Topshop

-Khaki pleat waterfall skirt, Topshop



P.s Thanks for the amaaaazing gift bag and goodies x


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