Every now and again if you’re a really lucky you can be gifted by amazing brands to either feature, review or collaborate with their products. For most big time bloggers this occurs on a daily basis as their marketing is so high and credible that brands would actually fight for them. However, for little ol’ me opportunities like this are beyond amazing and gratifying. In honesty some days it does really baffle my head how Emma Louise Ryan from Manchester can have viewers to her blog, write for magazines and gain amazing products/opportunities. So, when Buckley London offered to send me some jewellery I was more than grateful yet also amazingly excited. Having asked for some beautiful bracelets to style, I was ridiculously giddy to learn that not only would they be sendin’ me these, but some amazing earrings and a broach too!

Excitedly headin’ on home one weekday afternoon I swung open the door and noticed the postman had been and left his calling card. Being the total dunce that I am I thought to myself, erm, what have I ordered? Basically I’m being SO good this month so why do I have a package? After around twenty minutes of being ridiculously thick, I popped on down to the office to retrieve my gifts and I was oh SO happy.

Peelin’ back the tape and opening up the goods I stared in amazement at how beautiful they were and how amazingly giddy I was.  To some this might not phase them, seem like a standard practice and maybe a blog post for a post sake. But I am truly, truly grateful as my blog was never intended to be the ‘next big thing’ or anything of the sort, but a quiet place for me to be creative as I’m not during the working day. So, for this I am thankful to Buckley London.

Anyway, Buckley London is an amazing jeweller who sells a variety of pieces with the aim to be ( and previously won), the best costume jewellery in the UK (four times over.) With bracelets,  decorated poppy broaches, necklaces and more, Buckley London shows it’s true transferability and worth as it’s stocked in a variety of shops, cruise ships, airports and Online boutiques. With it’s ability to reach all types of audiences at an affordable price point with amazing styles then it’s no wonder that Buckley London is so popular.As an avid lover of a simple diamond stud, worn daily so that I could rock out more accessories, it was as though they knew me when they sent these on over too. Thanks to Buckley London, not only will I be purchasing some new items, but I’ll be bustin’ these out for a long time!

                                                                   The arrivals

                      The Buckley Sparkle mesh, styled with my own watch for a layered feel.

-Watch: River Island.
One alike mine: http://www.riverisland.com/women/watches/Gold-tone-rose-face-bracelet-watch-661390


Link: https://www.buckleylondon.com/bracelets/mesh-bracelets

                                         Beautiful ( and sparkly) diamond studs

-Studs are pretty much my ‘go to’ piece, as I wear so many statement necklaces (or numerous at one time) it’s easier to have understated earrings that compliment. Having lost my favourite ones a while ago these beauties came at just the right time and are so, SO much better than my last.

Link: https://www.buckleylondon.com/large-cz-stud-earrings

The bejewelled, red, encrusted poppy is not only a special commemorative piece, but it provides an elegant touch to any jacket or occasion.

Link to purchase:https://www.buckleylondon.com/crystal-remembrance-poppy-brooches

I suggest to you all that not only do you buy any Buckley London pieces for an occasion, but buy them simply just for buying sake. Because if I’ve learnt anything it’s that they are SO easily transferable for any outfit, time or place. So watcha waiting for?!

Link for treats…https://www.buckleylondon.com/

x Em x





  1. April 15, 2015 / 5:46 pm

    Thankyou! I get so chuffed when people say things like this because I love to ramble on with myself, and looove writing haha. Hopefully see you at the Gusto event? xxx

  2. April 16, 2015 / 10:52 am

    The bracelets are so lovely, I was gifted the same pack from Buckley as well! Aren't they versatile, they look great with your watch πŸ™‚ I don't have ear holes unfortunately, but can't wait to see you wear them! x


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