Dom & Ink, also known simply as Dom. The brainchild behind the quirky illustrations for many a person that you’ve seen floating around both Twitter and Instagram. However amazing as these are, there is much, much, more to Dom. From his humble beginnings of releasing his book for his final Uni project, to the catapult of fame with mounds of people wanting to work with him, waiting lists on illustrations, events here and there and many a thing in the pipeline you’d imagine Dom to be away with the fairies, and like some people- up their own a**. However, this couldn’t be more wrong. Before even meeting Dom I’d “spoken” to him via Instagram and Twitter and with a friendly tone to his tweets and many blogger friends singing his praises, I knew this event was going to be amazin’.

Saturday rolled around, it had turned 9:40am and I excitedly(yet rushing) threw my car into the parking space at Shudehill and tried to forget the fact that I’d be coming back later to a good ol’ bill of £16.00. Not my finest moment, but when you’re runnin’ late ( and apparently thinkin’ your cra**in money) then you do what you have to. Running( in the rain may I add) to the Arndale and meeting the other girls for 9:50am, we were all ready to roll and be greeted by the lovely Kate. With my hair resembling a birds nest, all of us gathered together and were shown into the selected area, given a VIP badge and advised just how to work the machines. Which by the way after using it’s fair to say I’m not as techno as I actually thought.
The aim in this event was not only to get customers to spend within the Arndale, but promote the amazing illustrations that Dom had drawn in both colour and black and white. With some new illustrations and some old they were digitally programmed into what can only be described as a big ass Ipad that was ridiculously impressive and allowed you to create unique pieces. With the ability to choose from different T shirt lengths, styles and sizes we all set about our business in creating our ideal T with one( or several) of Dom’s beautiful designs.

Not long after we’d created our Tee it was finally time to properly meet Dom. Bouncing on over to us with a positive energy, a massive cheesy grin and a lovely attitude that shone on through, it was seriously a pleasure to not only meet him, but be invited to his event. Go on, Dom!

P.s, the Tee below I designed will be up in a separate post showing just how I styled it!

-The T-shirt I designed with my logo, an amazing lady & drink. Who doesn’t love a beverage?

Myself and the amazing blown up board of Dom’s illustrations

-Midi peplum skirt, H&M
-Ribbed jumper, Primark
-Tan leather belt, Topshop
-Metallic brogues, Topshop
-Camel coat, Asos
-Faux fur, TK Max

The group shot- Maaaany Manchester and North West bloggers comin’ together to promote the greatness of Dom’s work.

If you’re feelin’ ever so nice pop on the link below and buy Dom’s book. Trust me it’s worth it!


x Em x



  1. April 8, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    It was really good! Dom's so nice and gettin' to create your own T- Amazing!

    Em x

  2. April 12, 2015 / 4:45 pm

    It was so good. Dom is so lovely and down to earth too. Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

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