It’s that time of the year, the wedding season where every man and his dog have a wedding.And I seem to never go on holiday as I’m attending 50,000 of them with no spare holidays left at work. That’s right you guessed it, I’m a juuuust a little bit bitter for that. However, once I get past my holiday bitterness I realise that weddings are an amazing thing. So amazing that the industry makes on average 10 billion pounds per year. Yes, that’s a BILLION times ten. And only half of that is probably from the one’s I attend. No, in seriousness as much of a profitable industry this may be, the wedding for any bride and groom is a momentous and beautiful occasion not only symbolising their devotion to each other, but for their life to come. With this in mind (and the fact I’ll be attending so many) I was so, so pleased to be invited to a special ‘Have and to hold’ event for us bloggers at the renowned Hancocks in Manchester city centre.

Come Saturday 28th of March, I had three blogger events in one day. To say this was a boring day was far from it, as myself and the other ladies breezed around one event to the next from 9:50am all the way to 3:00pm. Hancocks being the latter event meant that I could wind on down, relax, sip on some champagne and let the ladies wow us with their beautiful diamonds.

Upon arrival, the lovely Rosemary greeted us and ushered us through to the back room ( creating a dingy picture in your head eh?),well this was nothing of the sort. Glowing with diamonds, soft furnishings and friendly faces this was the total opposite of a shops’ normal back room. After speaking to the lovely PR ladies and sitting on down, Rosemary told us all some great information in regards to the jewellers. From it’s humble beginnings, it’s great clientele, wonderful founder and amazing staff, this surely seemed like an amazing place. And if this alone didn’t sway you then the massive rock of diamonds that Rosemary let you try on was certainly goin’ to tip you on over. Quoted as her favourite piece within the shop, the yellow gold diamond engagement ring screamed beauty( and wealth) at the mere price of £142,000 pounds(Woah. Guess I’ll forever be dreamin’ for that then…

Five rounds of the ring trying later we settled on down to another lovely lady, Amanda who showed us through the wedding collection which we all admired with mouths wide open. From Diamond necklaces to pearled earrings they were all seriously beautiful and mind-blowingly eye catching. With the ability to cater for any bride( or groom), Hancock’s showed us that in a non-boastful way that class is key. Whether it be in the class of customer service, aftercare or the product itself they create an environment that allows you to understand that once you’ve purchased an item ( or even if you’ve just had a nosy in), that you will forever be in their care. Long gone should be the days of jewellery shops which don’t create a bond, just pass on the buck and think of the profits. When I say this don’t get me wrong I do love a bargain myself, but for a special time such as a wedding it proves this is the way forward.

Hancocks you have not only made me jealous of the diamonds, crave some in my life, wish I was rich and appreciate good customer service, but you’ve made me see your a dime a dozen. And for that, I thankyou.


Introduction to the jewels

-Wedding specialities; Diamonds(of course) and pearls in the form of necklaces, bracelets, drop earrings and rings.

My personal fave of the bunch- A clustered, diamond, statement necklace. You know like some say less is more? Well, if you know me and my necklaces this aint true.



The blogger girls shot

Introducing the lovely; Emma, Alex, Laura, Holly & Gail.

-Also feat the lovely Hancock’s PR ladies.

Hancock beauties

– George Jenson

The ring of all rings(please excuse the nails)

-Rosemary’s fave and mine too. Shaking whilst trying on but also pretending to be Kim Kardashian-esque.

Yellow Diamond- click below should you be feelin’ flush…£142,000 flush…

The end to a wonderful afternoon of talks, learning, diamond trying, champagne & cakes.

-The goodie bag feat an amazing Georg Jenson silver key ring, personalise Hancock cupcake, stationary and more.

Ps sorry about the chuffed face.

All in all, if you want a beautiful reception, the friendliest of staff and a dedication to your jewellery’s aftercare then Hancock’s is the place to be.

x Em x





  1. April 2, 2015 / 11:56 pm

    It's amazing isn't it! Actually made me shake haha.hope you're good?! Xx

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