So, this title is pretty self  explanatory and if you know me/have me on social media you’d know that petty much every weekend(I’m not an alcoholic honest) I have a glass of gin in my hand. With weddings comin’ out of my ear holes and birthdays flyin’ about everywhere it makes only sense to drink this beaaaautiful choice of alcohol. Firstly, I don’t condone anyone drinking irresponsibly, but to have a few glasses every so often doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? Especially for a celebration!

So, let’s roll back to where my love of gin began…Many a months ago I’d started Slimming world with my sister Claire and not knowing what to expect I signed up and wished my weight away so I could slide into those jeans and not feel like actual porky the pig(oink). With this diet came not only the slimming down of my ever- expanding waistline, but the drink options for me on a night out. What, so no more Desperados? EH? With gin being the best option I sipped my first drop and it was immediate love, as it’s refreshing taste soothed on down my throat and with this the love of gin drinking began. By the way let’s just say the love of gin lasted longer than the actual dieting on Slimming world….

Summertime comes, rays of sun(or so we hope) shine on through and BBQ’s, garden parties and more are set to rise. With this in mind I’d thought about a new twist on gin for the warmer times, as to update anything is a little bit of fun and where does this source of inspiration come from- good ol’ Marks and Spencer. Having worked/attended events with them before, Danielle from M&S’ PR team approached me with the opportunity to test out their new refreshing range and what did I think- HELL YES. Nipping to Marks’ to pick up the beauties and giddily drivin’ on home, I set the bottles aside for a warmer day. What I wasn’t to know is that this warmer day is still yet to come, THANKS MANCHESTER. So, baring this in mind I thought I may as well bash this out earlier as if I don’t we’ll be headin’ into Christmas with it never being drank and dust collecting up top. Receiving three bottles of beauty containing gin, cucumber, apple and elderflower I was set to make a refreshing beverage which would see me through rain or shine. Mixing up the liquids and measuring just the right amount I’d managed to actual create a drink that was seriously amazing, as at first I wasn’t too down for the thought of cucumber in a drink, but boy was I seriously wrong! Having both cordial, gin and non-alcoholic fizz allowed me to explore not only a gin based drink, but how to tip a little into Prosecco or even on it’s own. As there are many possibilities to these beauties.

Whether it be raining, sunny or even snowing(God please no), M&S have always provided us with the best of the best whether it be food, drink or clothing. Sticking to their guns and providin’ what they know to be of the highest quality not only serves constantly in their favour, but allows the consumer to try new products, adaptations and know that they are gaining true quality. Therefore I praise this new line of drinks whether it be gin, cordial or fizzy as a little bit of new and a little bit of freshness is what we all love. After all who doesn’t love to try new things which can raise your excitement for Summer? Head to M&S now to find a little bit of  inspo whether we be sat basking in the sun…..or in an anorak.

-The Gin, M&S Mint & Cucumber, £12.00

 “Hello refreshing”

These beauties below are sadly not online, but available to purchase through a local store.

The cordial, M&S British elderflower & cucumber cordial.
– The fizz, M&S sparking British apple & cucumber presse.

Tips for tasting:

1. Crack open the Gin, mix in a little bit of elderflower & cucumber cordial for a splash of taste and finish with a top up of tonic. Not only is this a twist on the classic G&T, but it’s seriously delicious.

2. Treatin’ yourself to a bit of Prosecco? Fill up your flute and pour in a inch of sparkling apple & cucumber presse. Providing more fizz but with a fruity taste.

3. Sober Sunday? Or fancy a refreshing juice? This might sound slightly o.t.t but pour in a hint of elderflower cordial into a glass, tip in apple and cucumber presse and top up with some lemonade. Hello zesty( my personal fave).


Review: 8 stars out of ten-********

 Final note: Please always drink responsibly. As much as I am promoting the beauty of this product as I enjoy gin for a casual, every so often, drink I do not condone the mis-use of any alcohol.

x Em x



  1. May 10, 2015 / 10:39 am

    I love that you can drink gin on a diet, and the mint and cucumber one sounds amazing!!!

  2. May 10, 2015 / 6:29 pm

    You surely can! Maybe not too much Gin, but during the summer it's so amazing and refreshing :-)x

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