When I think of 1940’s fashion I think of full skirts, with a matching co-ord shirt or top, beautiful court shoes and a embellished broach to match. This era was the era in which glamour dressing was at an all time high. And to be honest it’s one that I’d of looooved to have lived in( yes this will be because midi skirts were all the rage and could hide my chub legs,ha). You might wonder why the hell I am writing about this, yeah? Well, not so long ago a lovely lady called Victoria approached me about testing out a new app for an online website named Glitzy secrets. An online shop which was seriously beautiful. Glitzy’s app asked you to answer several questions to determine which style era you are secretly from/madly in love with, and guess what Emma got…you got it, 1940’s glamour. In testing the app you were able to gain an era and given the opportunity to add your own styling for a chance to win a competition. Don’t worry this app is now live and available for everyone to use so if your up for a chance to win some goodies, have fun dressing yourself up in the chosen era and down for a laugh then this is for you.

Having decided that I fancied challenging the 1940’s era, I set about pickin’ an outfit in which I deemed 1940’s-esque. However, I’d decided that as much as I love the old 40’s era an updated take on the style would be even better. As this era is Incorporated into our style and fashion without even knowing in this modern day. Therefore as fun as it would of been to find an outfit from the actual 40’s, I found it more fitting in applying one from todays fashion. Throwing all the clothes out of my wardrobe onto my bed, assembling some sort of outfit and piecing together the jewellery, I decided I was all set to go. Swishing the body of my skirt round, trying to walk in heels on a wooden floor and doing my usual ‘I’m so embarrassed to be having photo’s taken’ look, I felt not only glamorous but practical for this modern day. Not only was this opportunity a fun one to take, but it allowed me to see just one more outfit I can bash out for summer(or one of the 1,000 weddings I’m going to). With denim, Faux leather, suede heels and statement necklaces what more could you ask for?

If you should find you’d like to participate then feel free to head to the link below which will direct you right on to the social voting app.With voting ending 13th May, you’ve got plenty of time to bash out an outfit, create a makeup shot or design a room to that era.  Not only does Glitzy give you a competition, but It gives you the opportunity to dress up mid-week and feel amazin’. Oh, and shop till you drop!



Faux leather top with cut out detailing, Topshop

-Full body denim skirt, Topshop

-Pink, suede pointers, Primark

-Diamond drop necklace, Topshop

Okay, I didn’t plan it to be a full on Topshop fest….

Why not have a go?

x Em x



  1. May 1, 2015 / 1:12 pm

    Gorge!! Love the colour combo! Heading over to check this out now… Not sure if I'd be more of a 20s or 50s girl?! Love both! xxx

    Rock On Holly

  2. May 1, 2015 / 6:21 pm

    How fun! I love the skirt that you picked out! I'm not sure which era I would be.. off to look!

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