If anyone knows me you’d know that I’m pretty much in love with Pepsi Max. Yeah, I know what you’re thinkin’..I’m a sad, sad girl. Well, if we’re all being honest everyone has a vice, right? And it just happens that fizzy drinks are mine. Anyway this love of Pepsi max has some slight good ol’ wear and tear on my teeth that brushing and flossing alone just won’t budge. So, when I was given the opportunity to test out some teeth whitening strips I jumped right on it. Not only could I do what I love and drink Pepsi whilst reviewing items, but also gain some sparkly nashers in the mean time. Win bloomin’ win; Hello Doll White.

Poppin’ on down to the post office and collecting my parcel(we won’t go into this, but let’s just say Royal Mail messed up)I drove on home all giddy with the prospect of tryin’ out the Doll White strips.  Ripping open the packet I read the instructions and began my steps to a brighter and whiter smile. Firstly, you had to brush those teeth. Secondly, apply the strips to both top and bottom, wait 30 minutes and hey presto we’re on our way! Easy or what?

The strips that I was so kindly given were a 14 day pack meaning that I don’t have to apply them every night, but if I keep applying slowly and every so often then I was bound to have a beaming smile.

Quite a few people( including my mum) worry about the effects that such strips can have on the teeth and their enamel. Yeah, I know applying a whitening strip to your teeth probably isn’t the healthiest thing to do in the world, but neither is smoking, drinking or even applying fake tan! After reading up with Doll White, I learnt that they use non-peroxide agents meaning lesser harm(than other strips) would occur to the teeth. Plus, I wasn’t going to use these back to back, but when I really needed an extra boost to my smile. Maybe for the 50,000 weddings I’m going to during the Summer!

Personally, I’m one for tryin’ anything once( some exceptions excluded) and from the first try I can admit that these are great. What I find amazing is that they whiten the smile steps at a time, so there’s no quick fix and gleaming bright peroxide teeth. But what I did get was a noticeable improvement on my smile with shinier teeth, less staining and a boost in self confidence. And let’s be honest who the hell doesn’t want that? Teeth strips aren’t for us all but should you want to try some then Doll White are surely a front runner!

Roll on this Saturday where I’ll be flashin’ the smile while dancin’ in town.

-Would you/have you ever used a teeth whitening strip?

Although this may seem like a pretty picture, if you look hard enough there is a slight tinge of yellow on my teeth. Guaranteed most have a little tinge(especially those who love a brew and Pepsi Max like me), but this allows you to see how the strips worked!

I know what you’re thinking about the below photo, I look radiant with my lazy left eye right? Jokes aside this was the step in which processed the strip. Leaving on for 30 minutes for the product to work it’s magic, I attempted to swallow normally and counted the minutes on down. This is maybe one critique I’d give to the strips, 30 minutes if quite long to leave your mouth in such a weird position.  

Please excuse the no makeup face…

 As the 30 minutes came to a close, I slowly slid off the strips, rinsed my mouth with water and ran to the mirror. After just the one application I found that not only we’re they easy but they had made an improvement on my teeth too. In honesty I won’t be using these everyday, as I want to ensure my enamel doesn’t wear down. However, for weddings(all 500 I have this tear), nights out, events and more, I’ll be sure to have a little go!

P.s, Apologies for the HORRIBLE close up.

x Em x



  1. June 24, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    I always wonder if they work. I am a coffee fan so yep, yellow teeth. I tried a different product a few months ago and saw no change, but these really do show a change. WOW!

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