It’s not just any BBQ food, it’s M&S BBQ food…*cue soothing voice and burgers being flipped*

Picturin’ the scene right? Hear the voice in your head? Well hello Marks and Spencer’s grub.
Like any normal person you’d know the M&S advert from the get-go and if you don’t, sort it out. Not only this, but you’d then also understand just how amazing their food is. Like, seriously good though. So, when I was given the opportunity to review some of their new BBQ range  I couldn’t of been more chuffed. Well, who wouldn’t be?

Pickin’ up the goodies and driving on home, I planned for a Friday night BBQ in the sun with friends and family. However, what’s that? Manchester decided to throw down a torrential shower on my BBQ night? Cheers for that, Manchester. Due to this ridiculous weather instead of doing a wonderful BBQ in the back garden, I had to opt for what I call a “Grill-q”( Yeah, I’m sad I know). Getting all the meat out the fridge I unpacked the goodies, sliced the bread rolls and made, If I do say so myself, an amazing avocado and mozzarella salad. With my chosen reviewers ( aka mum, aunty and best friend) sitting down to start eating, I decided to cook the Cornish Cove cheese and bacon posh puppies first. Cooking quickly and throwing them into their specially designed buns, myself, mum, Charl and Alison all chowed on down. 

The wonderful people at M&S who provided me with this amazing opportunity had basically set me up with a feast of meat. The options for testing I was given were:

          Pulled Pork ‘n’ Apple Burgers
          Chicken Posh Dogs
          Cornish Cove Cheese & Bacon Posh Puppies
          Cheese & Pickle Burgers
          Old Fashioned BBQ Sauce & Marinade

After trying each one with the variety of ‘buns’ that Marks’ had to offer, we came to conclusion that our absolute fave was…dum, dum dummmmm…the Cornish Cove Cheese & Bacon Posh Puppies. Long winded name I know, but these beauties we’re definitely the best of the bunch. While the others were amazin’ also, the Posh Puppies allowed you to eat several without feelin’ over-faced. These are seriously perfect BBQ grub!

Although the marinade couldn’t be used with these burgers, I set it aside to use for a salad I was to make during the week, applying it to chicken so that it added a little zest. With a lovely consistency and an incredible taste, M&S had done it again! Be sure to head to Marks’ for some amazin’ BBQ food, whether it be sunny(I’d start prayin’ now) or showering, Summer is made for BBQ’s.  

Click here to see a selection of the BBQ feast M&S has to offer.

P.s It’s a bargain!

The Posh Puppies

The Chicken Posh Dogs

The larger ‘dog’ of the bunch

Basically a photo of me stuffin’ my face!

What’s your favourite BBQ grub?

x Em x


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