Coronation Street, also known as ‘Corrie’ is the nations loved Northern Soap which transfixes us several times a week. From it’s humble beginnings with painted on cobbles, black and white viewing and drama, it’s come a long, looong way. With explosive storylines(literally) and many new cast members over the years, Corrie has cemented itself in the minds of not only us Northerners, but the whole world too. Brought about to resonate the working class Northern life, one that we could relate to yet it’s gone beyond any of the writers wildest dreams. With hard work and devotion from not only the cast but all it’s behind the scenes guys too, Corrie I don’t doubt will forever be on our screens.

As you may well know, Corrie has pretty much always had a tour goin’ on. So, for those of you alike me who can’t be in the show(God knows why….) then this is the closest you can get! As of 2013 the actual set of Coronation Street was opened to the public, as previously a closed set was used. However, as Corrie had actually set up camp in a new state of the art centre, this old gem could be used to the full! Say hello to Coronation Street tours!  This new type of tour was by no means like the old, as I was set to see! Ushered into the opening area and greeted by a lovely gentleman, myself, Alex and Hayley were off to explore the set. The word giddy was an actual understatement and off we went!

To make this easier to visualise they’ll be lots of photo’s below with key points/info given.


                                                              The Beginning
Strollin’ down the corridor we passed maaaaany of the dressing rooms where the longer standing cast members would have their own room in which they either used for pleasure or script reading. For those new cast members they’d have to bulk on up as this wasn’t given out to everyone.
One thing I did notice from behind the scenes was the down to earth nature of the building, as in your mind when you think of TV, I automatically think GLAM. So, basically I was picturing glass, marble and more, stupid I know! The reasoning for this down to earth set-up was so that the cast could feel comfortable and rested whilst working and in their down time.
With the tour guide bringing us through to watch a video of favourite Corrie clips throughout the years, we then popped on over to see The Rovers and more.

 Pretending to be gettin’ made over. The chair which has transformed lots of characters.
                                                                  -Hello cheesy grin

Behind the scenes: This is a shot of The Platt’s front room/kitchen. Essentially the pivotal point for any Platt action. What I’d never realised was that just how small the sets actually were. With the use of clever camera angles the sets seemed as big as an actual real life livin’ room. However, if you’d go on in the set you can’t move without bashin’ into something.

As we were there to experience/review the tour, the lovely man let us go on behind the tape and experience things like an actual actor/actress.
Please note: On any normal tour, this wouldn’t be permitted so please don’t try!

If ya’ can’t pretend to be a barmaid in The Rovers then when can ya? This seriously has to be one of the key reasons people come to ‘the street’. The Rovers has been central to everyone’s lives whether they were starring in the show or simply watching it! The tour guide noted that no actual beer comes through the pumps(pft), but instead dandelion and burdock. Changed numerous times from tea to this, it apparently aint worth the sipping!
-For those of you attending the tour, the opportunity to have your own photograph behind the bar is given. This may cost a little bit of money, but c’mon it’s essential!

P.s Don’t you think Hayley(far left) suits it? Maaaybe Corrie should hire her.

                                                     The Street: An overview

 When you walk onto the street set it’s completely mesmerising and leaves you in awe. Seriously though, it’s like your there on set and you expect the cast to come out just livin’ their life. This part of the set is where you’re left to your own devices., the part in which you can get snap happy nosying at the houses, pretend to be nippin’ to Roy’s Rolls or simply go down the alleyways…

Because there’s always gotta be a Rovers shot.

                                             OOTD: Coronation Street Style

Faux suede culottes : H&M, £24.99(Now in sale)
-Lace up sandals: Primark, £6.00 (also available in red)
-Tied-up print top: Missguided(old season)
-Sunglasses: Asos, £8.00
-Faux Chanel bag in jelly: Amazon,£17.99

The Tina fall- Because I look exactly like her, right? Michelle Keegan eat ya’ heart out!

                                                            The Post-Box

Coronation Street has always had a post-box on set to give that extra illusion of it being real life. However, until the tour sadly closes come end of the year, the post box will actually be fully  functional! Meaning all your Corrie lovers can send a postcard emblazoned in Corrie logo’s to the person of your choice! Nab one of these from the gift shop and send away. Maybe even be sad like me and pretend you’ve been for a pint(or two) in The Rovers….;-)

 -Myself and Alex hittin’ the national press(See below)

For more information in regards to the Coronation Street Post box, please head to either of the below and they’ll fill you in! (I’m all famous, check me in the press).

Right lovely people, as you may all know this tour is happening as the new set was moved over to Salford some time ago. However, sadly this has to come to an end on Dec 31st this year! Unfortunatly the set will be being dismantled and he area re-covered in a new development and as this is the iconic birthplace of Corrie, you’d be stupid not to have a nosy! With tickets for adults at under £20.00 it’s an amazing day out, and one in which I’m honest, I didn’t expect to love quite as much as I did!

For tickets and booking related enquiries please click here.

In seriousness though- Are you a devoted Corrie fan? HELL YEAH.

                            x Em x                    

**Special thanks to Nikki from Purple Cow PR.



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