Every so often there comes a time in our lives when we seriously need a break. This could be due to ever mounting stress from work, travelling constantly or when we’re just feelin’ a little fragile and fancy some relaxation. Such relaxation can be found in a lot of cases by headin’ to a spa with your fave friends. However, as I found out this doesn’t always have to be as costly as charging spa days to your credit card whilst pretending to be livin’ the dream. Say hello to your average and everyday bath!

Bathstore is a lovely retailer both online and as stand alone stores, which enables you to create a dream space for you to relax and unwind, slam that makeup on your face or even just brush your teeth. Providing elegant bathrooms from it’s very beginnings, Bathstore allows you to create a space of pure tranquillity that matches both your taste and budget. In absolute seriousness as I ran a bath earlier to try out my goodies gifted by Bath Store, I noticed my bathroom was from there too!

Bath Store is on a mission to get people to put that relaxin’ time into their routine and this could literally be no better time than now for myself. Having managed to fit in bridesmaid duties, a Barcelona trip and another wedding within a week and a half its fair to say I was knackered. Not just tired, people but yes, KNACKERED (dramatic I know). So, knowing that I needed to relax, wind down and basically soak in a bath, I found myself reaching for the Bathstore goodies. Hello relaxation.

In all honesty I’ve never been a ‘bath person’. You know, the kind that would have one daily or choose it anytime over a shower(here’s to lookin’ at you Abigail Ashton), but through time and a whole lotta tensed muscles, I’ve fully come to love and appreciate it. Therefore I banged on my candle, poured in those bubbles, set my duck aside and relaxed on into true water satisfaction. With so many of us not able to sit down and relax and have that ‘me time’ anymore, it’s Bath Stores’ mission to get us back to our best! To show you the importance of our time, here are some stats on how we act within our bathroom.

-30% of Brits hate having any form of conversation when they are in the bathroom

-60% of people judge their friends on how clean their bathroom is(c’mon you untidy people)

-40% of Brits spend 11-20 mins in the bathroom in the morning. No doubt some take even longer!

-31% of Brits shower daily-Okay, this should be a higher number….

Regardless of the stats and however long you may take, all I can advise is to set that time to yourself, grab a glass of wine(or a brew), slip into that tub and relax at least once every month, as I’ll be doin’ it for sure. And for those of you who sadly don’t have a tub be sure to head to www.bathstore.com to buy one! Haha Joking aside, whether it be a bath or shower, as long as the relaxation is done you’ll feel amazing!

For tips on how to take the ‘perfect bath’ please click here

To join in on the Sunday relaxation, simply tweet #TakeABubbleBreak

-You’re never too old to have a rubber duck, right?

-Relaxing candles to not only set the scene, but provide an aromatic experience.

The essentials:

Bathstore rubber duck
Sanctuary body lotion
Lush bath bomb
-Face mask
-Relaxing & therapeutic candle

-What do you do to wind down?

                            x Em x



  1. August 24, 2015 / 8:10 am

    Some good facts there! You're right. The number of people showering daily should definitely be higher!

    I only have a shower, so always have to pass on the relaxing bath time 🙁


  2. August 25, 2015 / 8:31 pm

    Haha it should be. There's some smelly people out there! Haha xxx

  3. August 25, 2015 / 8:32 pm

    Haven't you? Ooooh Laura you're missing out! Get down there pronto haha xxx

  4. August 25, 2015 / 8:35 pm

    They are aren't they Hol, I love one of their scrubs! Is a gooden for banishing my wobbles haha xxx

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