Farfetch is an international fashion website that stocks products from 300 independent boutiques around the world’.

Basically, this little gem is a hub for all those amazing items that you either buy, want to or absolutely lust over because you just can’t make that purchase. After all eating is a necessity, right?

A little while ago the lovely Laurren from Farfetch approached me and enquired as to if I’d like to collate a styled outfit usin’ their online goods. As I absolutely loooove styling, I jumped right on it even if the outfits were just a photo. This stylin’ post aimed to gain different bloggers outlook of an infamous brand and their key pieces. This brand being Saint Lauren.

Saint Lauren will pretty much be known by every fashion lover, and we all understand the absolutely beautiful clothing(and more) that they design. However, not only does this brand create many ridiculously beautiful pieces, but one’s that resonate time after time. Meaning my friends, that the expensive item that you’ve bought can be re-worn not only in several ways but years after years. These are what we call the ‘iconic’ pieces, the one’s in which save us money as time goes on by yet keep us in that eternal stylin’ game.

Blazers, from the basic black to a fiery red, smoking style and all the way to boyfriend fit, well, they’re definitely a keeper. Not only do we use this item for different events such as work, to an amazin’ wedding down South or just nipping to the shop, this truly is a staple piece. So, I decided to base my stylin’ all around this little treat. Therefore, see below for my styling of the Saint Laurent beauties…drool away…

As you can see from the above stylin’ plate, I’ve gone for a Summer based style. Combining comfort for the day in the use of a metallic sneaker, all the way to it’s night time sister in the form of a very high stiletto. Although this outfit may seem predominately for the day it can also easily transcend to the night. Or even a completely different season. Come Winter; bang on some tights, a fitted shirt underneath the dress and hey presto, no cold limbs for you!
As we all know, right now fringing is hugely popular whether it be designer or high street. Shown on a bag, skirt or even a shoe it’s the one style that will transcend time after time and keep you in the fashion game. Along with this ridiculously amazing spaghetti strap dress, drawing you in at the waist and creating a pretty silhouette it provides you with a fashion counter balance for the over-sized and slightly masculine blazer.
They’re are seriously so many different ways in which I could style this outfit from just these six items, and that’s what makes fashion so fun!

Outfit Details:

Timeless, Black Blazer- £1,940 (click here)
Sleek, Black Sunglasses- £186.00 (click here)
Silver Metallic, Fringed bag-£1,265(click here)
Golden Stiletto, £560.00(click here)
Golden Sneaker,£335.00(click here)

I’ll let you in on a sneaky secret….not only do I get to give off my stylin’ advice for some beautiful items, but gain the opportunity to win a voucher that could allow me to purchase from Farfetch. Meaning, I could one day be stridin’ around in Manchester wearing some of the items on my post! C’mon now, who wouldn’t want that? Show me the Laurent!

For more information on this amazing designer head to the opening of it’s exhibition for a fun-filled and fashionable day(click here for info).

P.s How would you style your iconic blazer?

                             x Em x


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