City breaks, well, they must be my all time favourite thing, as I’ve been on bloody enough of them. Joking aside, a city break can be tiring from all the walkin’ but it can also be so, so amazing. So, when it came to a little holiday away myself and Duff (boyfriend) treated ourselves to good ol’ Barcelona. If you haven’t been to Barcelona before then you should seriously go as not only does it offer a great insight into Football for the football lovers out there, but also much, much more. From the historic, religious and even just down to some great shoppin’, Barca is where it’s at.

Arriving Sunday 9th August and checking into the amaaaazing Praktik Bakery Hotel, we threw our bags aside and hit the Barca roads. By the way, if any of you do decide to go Barcelona for a little treat, make sure you stay at this hotel as it’s beyond amazing. Not only is it affordable, clean and modern, but it houses a bakery every morning with ridiculously good food.

                                           The amazing treats at the bakery below our hotel

Anyway, after stomping around the streets, hittin’ up the tourist bus we threw ourselves into the culture one stop at a time. After three days of constantly walking, eating (and more eating), the trip was comin’ to a halt, home time had seriously come round far too quick.  Although this isn’t a major blog post, I just wanted to create something so the pictures and experiences I’d had we’re put out there for people to see! Enjoy…

                                                    Tourist tips/To-do’s in Barcelona:

Gaudi architecture; there’s no gettin’ away from this. Probably the most important feature of Barcelona with the Sagrada Familia being the main attraction. Seriously go and see this, although it get’s booked up quick, and is veeery humid inside, it’s worth every penny.

Picasso museum; Okay, so we didn’t go to this but I’d very much imagine it’d be an amazin’ place to view his work should you be an art lover.

Camp Nou, Barcelona Football; Whether your a footie lover or not this is a great attraction. With a vast tour and the ability to practically stand on the pitch it’s a fun experience.

Mount Tibidabo; Go here simply for the view. Guaranteed if you have a child with you there is a fun fair, or you’re into your faith then visit the church. A fun day out ridin’ VERY high up in a tram. Resulting in breath taking views.

The fountains; Well, we didn’t get to witness this little treat as they weren’t on the days we visited. However, from looking at videos and previous recommendations this apparently can totally make your trip.

The Barcelona Zoo; Er, hello Dolphin show, I say no more.

Tourist bus tours; Use it. Full stop. It may seem like ‘too commercial’ for some yet as Barcelona is seriously so big it allows you to hop on and off whilst learning some key things.

Food & Bars; My absolute fave, as I’m a chubba who loves food there would be no doubt that this wouldn’t be my one point to tell you to browse around. With authentic tapas, local wine on tap and amazing fish restaurants at the port, you’d be stupid if you didn’t chow on down. My one pointer I will give you is that you shouldn’t go to the Ramblas for food or anywhere that’s on the main streets. Yes they might be nice, but trust me when I say the side street, unexpected restaurants are oh, so much better.
P.s, Rooftop bars are everywhere in Barca and so good for a late night drink.

Even though I’ve provided a few places to go depending upon your own likes then your trip could be totally different. However, what I do know is that wherever you go and whatever you do it’ll be amazing!

-Have you ever been to Barcelona? What was your favourite bit?

                       x Em x                                                               



  1. September 2, 2015 / 5:57 pm

    So lovely to get some tips on that to do whilst we are away! We are staying just outside Barca for 8 nights then in the centre for 2.. we cannot wait! We plan to not do tons of shopping but to experience all the touristy things whilst there.. although I may be tempted by Sephora!!!I'll let you know in a few weeks once my post is up so you can check out my holiday and experiences! We are planning to vlog the whole trip too!xxx

  2. September 2, 2015 / 10:03 pm

    That'll be so good! Then people can actually get a proper insight into Barcelona! You'll honestly love it, I've been several times and it never gets old. Eat lots of ice cream for me 🙂 and I'll be sure to read when your back xxx

  3. September 3, 2015 / 6:08 am

    that bakery looks amazing! i visited barcelona in march and absolutely loved it! xx

  4. September 8, 2015 / 8:50 am

    I visited Barcelona for a day trip a couple of years ago as we were staying about an hours train ride away. I absolutely loved it – what a gorgeous city! xxx

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