Being a blogger, people have this idea that you’re always gettin’ things free thrown at you left, right and centre. However, little do they know that most outfit posts(well, for me) come straight from my own wardrobe. Meaning people that I do actually buy clothes too as after all I am a girl and I LOVE shopping. So, as I was sayin’ when I’m shopping up a storm in town (Manchester in case you didn’t know) then I’m always down for finding a bargain. Because well, who isn’t?

This being said we all know designers showcase their trends on the catwalk which then eventually drips through the fashion process and hops right on in to our local stores. Whether it be Primark or all the way to French Connection. Every shop you pop into wants to appeal to the consumer by applying those trends to their range whilst also keepin’ true to their niche. So, during London Fashion Week Travelex created ‘Five Five Fabulous’ blog which aimed to find out more information on how us normal people could #getthelookforless. This ‘look’ coming from one of the new found trends of the season such as:

1. Loungewear-USA
2. Colour Blocking- Sweeden
3. Off the shoulder- Denmark
4. Tropical- New Zealand
5. Military- Spain.

So, when I was approached to participate in findin’ some bargain beauties that matched one of these new trends and was under £100, I was right on board. As after all anything that is shown on the catwalk usually coats a load of bloomin’ money! Nosyin’ at each of these trends, I tried to think about what I loved from each of them and which one I’d love to wear this coming season. With this in mind I decided the winner would beeee, dum, dum, dummmm… Lounge wear.

When you say lounge wear most would immediately picture some woman stood there head to toe in sweats, hair up and a bar of chocolate in her hand ( sounds like me most Friday nights). But what they don’t realise if that lounge wear luxe is reeeeal big right now. Bashin’ on a cigarette style, black cashmere (or cotton for most) joggers with a caged heel, open button shirt and black over-sized blazer, well it’s amazin’. Some of you might picture that as a bundle of mess, but no people this comfy chic stylin’ is where 2015/16 is headin’ . Having already rocked this out on many occasions I can not only tell you that I felt amazing but seriously comfy too!

See below to get a picture of just what I found for bargain lounge wear, as you never know you might just want to bash it out sometime too…And afterall a bargain is better!


Lookin’ at this you’d be seriously in awe to know that all these items combined came in at a total of £88.00! HELLO BARGAINS. So, this is where you lovely lot come in, as with submitting this stylin’ entry I can be in with a chance to win some vouchers that’d be bloomin’ lovely to shop with. 

To nosy at this link then click on here

P.s. Would you wear this twist on loungewear?

                           x Em x


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