Starting a blog can have a totally different reason for each and every person.  Whether it’s literally somewhere to jot down your thoughts, escape real life or in the case of myself to add some creativity then we’re all joinin’ in on a really good thing. When you start out you never actually realise just how much blogging can open you up to a world of possibilities, amazing opportunities and sometimes even gifts! However, as we all plod on and continue to write (even if just for pleasure) we still secretly long for our blogs to do well. Even when someone down your local pub says “I read your blog last night” and you secretly die inside, a sense of pride reigns through you. This all being said, promoting your blog whether it be word of mouth or through social media, well, it’s what draws those readers in, and this my people is what brings me to this post! 

Some time ago I was given the opportunity to join a great idea fronted by the lovely Solopress, people whom I’ve worked with in the past. With this new comp they aim to get people out there and this is simply done by creating your very own billboard in your city! However, before you get all excited and think HELLO WHERE’S MY BILLBOARD, well we have to plan for it!  So, in preparation for this myself and you all can simply tweet your idea (in under 140 characters) via Twitter and tag Solopress, but not forgetting to hash tag #SPGetNoticed. By doing this you are entering yourself into this competition and gettin’ yourself one step closer to that golden billboard-Wahay! 

In the preparation for this comp, Solopress were so, so kind in sendin’ me some personalised goods so that should I not win the billboard comp(boohoo), then I’m able to promote myself anyway. Which people is pretty essential as for around a year I’ve gone to events where some have a business cards, and I’d be stood there spellin’ me blog name into someones mobile…

How cute, right?

Who wouldn’t love personalised stationary- Feelin’ like a celeb one step at a time.

Anyway, my entry to this wonderful campaign would read a little like this….Picture the scene(okay, billboard)…

As you stand and look ahead the billboard shines out to you from it’s upper above, directing on down and highlights down. Within that far left corner stands an outline of a girl dressed in a full skirt, T-shirt and laced up heels with no visual of her full appearance to be seen. Windin’ on down behind her is a path that gets smaller and smaller with objects on each side, relating to her life as a whole. From reading, playing netball, shopping and more till it finally fades to a small dot hittin’ a Laptop screen reading, ‘behind the sarcasm’. Showing those billboard watchers that to find out more, as ever, people should head to my blog as there is more to a person than just an appearance!

Thanks again to Solopress for giving me this opportunity and my wonderful #GetNoticed pack, as I bloomin’ love em’. 

-How would you design your billboard?

                               x Em x


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