Remember way back in the olden days…when the Spice Girls reigned supreme? Everyone wore platforms, crop tops and large shiny jackets, yeah? C’mon let’s all admit we’ve all sported one…or at least one of these things. Where we strutted it along those streets thinkin’ we were absolutely amazing. Well, back in the day I always wanted to be baby spice(who didn’t), and one of my main things was to get a quilted jacket to make me feel just like her, irregardless of my dark brown hair or not. So, when I went on my usual buy a new coat for school shopping trip with mum, I found the best jacket. A United Colours of Benetton, bright(and highly luminous) orange quilted jacket, known to me as my ‘puffa’. And although this wasn’t the actual Puffa brand it was my go to warmer. So, when the lovely Katie from Chili Apparel invited me to the showcase of actual Puffa’s new line, I WAS SO EXCITED. 

Puffa was founded in 1973 and initially crafted on a ping pong table. Yes people you heard right, a ping pong table. Exploding year after year from the table to the high realms of celebrities, models and even the Royal family, Puffa was growing oh so quick. Offering fashionable, warm yet practical items, Puffa were an absolute storm on the market. Continuing their reign to this very day, everyone knows what a ‘Puffa’ is by simply just saying the word. Come Tuesday 22nd of September I hit the road and headed on into town to get to the event on time. Rollin’ on it to The Kitchens, Spinningfields I was greeted by some lovely women and guided on through to our actual event station. Landing at The Hip Hop Chip Shop I was seriously in amazement. As not only did I not know it was there, but the food was beeeeyond amazing.

One portion of fish and chips down, a glass of bubbly and a natter with some of the lovely blogger ladies, I decided it was time to nosy at the brand.

With snippets of Puffa facts and photo’s all around the chip shop we were able to see iconic moments in which Puffa had truly defined the fashion retailing industry with their unique jackets.

After yet more nattering, speaking to the lovely Katie from Chili Apparel and lots of photo taking, myself, Alex, Beckie and others decided it was time to try on the goodies. From metallic bombers to midi length Puffa jackets they offered us an insight into just how fun, affordable and accommodating they can be. With both women and men’s lines at the event we slipped on our favourite items and snapped a few photo’s.

Having not worn a Puffa jacket since my younger years(God I’m gettin’ old), I secured my fave in the form of a long length, belted quilt coat with fur trim hood. As not only was this suitable for those ridiculously cold coming months, but it was SO comfy.

After thinkin’ I was a model for far too long and struttinn’ my stuff for several photo’s, the event(and my parking) was coming to a close. Congratulating Katie, wavin’ goodbye to all the lovely blogger lot, and being handed an aaaamzing goodie bag, I skipped off on home. Where may I add, repeatedly rammed the contents of the goodie bag in my mouth ; Hello Refresher bars (thanks Swizzel Matlow).

Thanks to Puffa for an amazin’ night, goodiebag and the chance to view the beauiful new collection. Not only will I be hittin’ on up the website come new collection time, but I’ll be dining at The Hip Hop Chip Shop too!

P.s, Did you ever own a quilted jacket?

                           x Em x



  1. October 5, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    Haha still learning how to use it. Give me five years haha xxx

  2. October 5, 2015 / 7:41 pm

    It was wasn't it! Usually costs like that make me feel massive, but this one was lovely xxx

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