Autumn, known to us all as the leafy season right before the Winter hits. It’s that time where we slowly transition into bangin’ on tights and embracing the cold right before we start to moan at the dark mornings and even darker nights. But my friends with this new season and weather change gives us the opportunity to layer it on up. And if anyone knows me they’ll know this is MY FAVOURITE THING EVER. Capitals for excitement there, obviously.

Never one to bash out a bit of flesh(unless I’ve done ridiculously well at Slimming world) I excitedly await the darker and colder months so that I can throw on numerous layers and feel fierce as. So, as the past two weeks it’s decided to be hit and miss with the weather, I just never really knew when I could throw that sweater on and embrace it in all it’s glory. Till….one grand Thursday when I was attending an event thrown by the lovely Cotton Traders and not only was it raining, but it was cold. WIN bloody win.

I’m very aware that I sound pretty fruity right now, but who doesn’t love to bash out sweaters?  Not only do they allow you to be all warm and snuggly, but they offer a different texture, dimension and style to any outfit whether it be day or night. So people, get out those sweaters and bash them on as it’s only goin’ to get colder and to be fashionable yet warm is the only way forward. 

Below are a few shots of my bargain Primark find that I’m just a liiiitle bit in love with. 

– Necklaces: Sliver and black long-line, H&M  

– Cullotes: Camel, suede and amazing, also H&M (old season). Alteratives here

– Faux snakeskin pointer shoe, Next (previous season), Alternative here

-The Full view

– Are you a lover of the cold weather too?

                            x Em x



  1. October 21, 2015 / 6:12 am

    This looks so comfy!! I love those trousers! xxx

  2. October 21, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    Me too! I looooooove it. Autumn is my absolute fave time of the year! Xx

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