Winter time brings out some serious festivity in the lot of us. Even with the worst Grinch’s of all ignorin’ our inner Grinch and embracing that Christmas love. So, as the festive period is pretty much in full force and we for presents, worry over gettin’ that turkey in time and second guess if Grandma Joan will really like that jumper, time goes by at rapid speed. And what sometimes we don’t stop to realise is through this hectic period of our lives, we need to live each day to the fullest.  So, after being pure cheesy and full of corniness myself and Alex(blogger buddy) thought it best to hit up a tradition like no other, Ice skating.

Although I ain’t no Torvil and Dean when this invite to attend the opening of the Ice rink reporting for STYLEetc popped into my inbox I RSVP’d so, so quick. After all what skating I could do I liked to believe was amazin’.Obviously I’m a little bit delusional too.

Come Thursday evening around 2 weeks ago I headed over to the rink in New Bailey in the pouring rain. Actually no, not pouring but TORRENTIAL rain, and handed over my shoes for those shiny skates. What I’d failed to realise is that Alex is like an actual pro ice skater. Regardless of the weather she was damn sure to be hittin’ that rink and off I went with, urgh.

Half an hour later soaking wet, with curly horrible hair and with ass pain from sittin’ on a penguin, it was time to watch Capital Radio do there thing.After yet more skating around the rink, gainin’ a little bit more pneumonia and starvation kickin’,in I’d truly had a good time but was definitely ready for a bath and bed. So far the Christmas joy had defeated me in one event but this was simply due to the rain. Get me to the New Bailey ice rink on any normal day and I’m alllll over it.

Be sure to head there people as not only can you skate, but you can eat and drink too. Erm, could it get any better?
See below for some photo’s from the night and apologies for the not so great camera skills, as apparently rain doesn’t mix with photoraphy so great.

 The lovely Alex from Champagne and Lemonade


Attractive eh….

                         -Do you love to do a bit of Christmas Ice skatin?

                                                      x Em x


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  1. November 27, 2015 / 7:42 am

    Aww I have not been skating in ages. This looks like fun! xxxx

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