In all honesty till a little while ago I’d never truly known what IWOOT actually was? Apart from makin’ me wants to shout ‘say whaaaaat’ in some ghetto American voice, I genuinely didn’t have a clue. However, when I did find this little online gem I learnt that there’s some pretty amazing products that are perfect for gift giving. Er, hello Christmas presents.

IWOOT actually stands for ‘I want one of those’ and it couldn’t be more to the point if it tried. As soon as you hit that site there’s seriously goodies for all. From quirky kitchen cutlery to technical goodies, selfie buttons and more it’s got everything you could ask for in a Christmas gift. Hello one stop shop makin’ all my present needs easy, C’MON..
Anyway, a few weeks ago an email from the lovely people at IWOOT slammed into my inbox and invited me to their #IWOOTXMAS Christmas party, wahay.

Roll back to last Saturday, frantically drivin’ in the rain and running to the event, I pressed the buzzer and got the lift on up. Opening up into the amazing yet quirky as, Ziferblat where you could eat, drink and chat to your hearts content with only paying for your time spent. Erm, that’s dead genius… now where’s that bloody cake?!

Taken into our room, all us blogger lot nattered away and peeked at the tables around us tryin’ to take it all in. From welcoming cupcakes and goodies everywhere we picked gifts from around the tree and parcelled them up for a secret Santa mission.

Several cupcakes later, wishin’ I had the popcorn holder and overloading on of cups of tea, we all sat on down to paint our own jam jars in the hope of winning some more treats. By the way the main thing I learnt was just how bad I am at art and should of concentrated a lot more in year 11.

 Anyway, see below for many photo’s showcasing the event and the great products on offer.

On the run up to Christmas you’ll find more and more events to go to and it’s strange to think that only one year ago I was attendin’ my first. If they continue to be like this where I can meet amazing brands and the lovely girls then December I’m ready for ya’.

P.S-For all you lovely lot who just can’t find those perfect gifts for your loved ones then look no bloomin’ further! Head to here , find your Christmas items and be sure to type in IWOOTXMAS for a little bitty discount (20%).

Thanks to the lovely lot at IWOOT for this event, my goodie-bag and the great location at Ziferblat.

                                         x Em x


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