If you know me you’ll know that I’m pretty much obsessed with outerwear whether it be a coat, jacket or even a long-line cardi. Let’s just say I love to wear layers to hide the flesh-THANK THE LORD FOR WINTER. Anyway, as I was saying…my love for outerwear has always been strong and season after season I’d buy at least one new piece. It’s pretty fair to say both mine, my separate rail and mums closet is veeeeerry full. After all coats come round time after time so it’d be wasteful to throw them out, right?

Adding to my collection is my new Missguided beauty. Extra long in length, probably restin’ near my calf, in an amazin’ velvet-Esq texture and a dashin’ emerald green colour, it’s an absolute treat. Grabbin’ it at a bargain of £39.00 when it should of been £70, it’s just a win-win situation all round. See below to catch a nosey of this super-amazin’ coat, and just to pre-warn I’ll be wearing this 24/7.

To find the direct link to this long beauty then click here

    -Rockin’ that bow legged pose….

  -Are you a coat hoarder/lover too?                                                            

                                                             x Em x


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