At this time of year we’re all stressed out at what the hell we should buy those special people in our life. And on behalf of my boyfriend, I can confirm that women are sometimes the worst to buy for. Yep, I know what your sayin’ to yourself, that you’re not hard to buy for at all…it’s okay I say that to myself too.Yet every Christmas when people ask me for idea’s I stand there and just go ‘erm, clothes?’. Turns out you should be much more picky, as if you don’t love the gift you’ll not only be wasting a present but your fave’s money too.

Like every blogger under the sun I thought I’d put together a little wish list post of items that i’d literally die for, and then receive the realistic items.

You know, the ones that us normal folk can afford.  See below for my 2015 picks, as after all I might as well aim big because Father Christmas might just be readin’…….

Dream on, Emma.

P.s Be sure to click on any of the images for linking through to purchase. Well, ya never know you might be more minted than me!

What’s on your wishlist?

x Em x



  1. December 16, 2015 / 8:55 pm

    Ooh that YSL mascara would be the perfect pressie! I guess you're right actually, i always thought I was easy to buy for but I also never know what to say when people ask what I want!

    Sarah xxx

  2. December 17, 2015 / 9:29 am

    I love that Mulberry bag… One can dream right?!

  3. December 17, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    I'm there dreamin' with ya… Maybe il somehow become rich xx

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