You’d imagine by the title of this post that it’s goin’ to contain some crazy information or tips on how to have an amazin’ time in between Christmas and New Year. Well, I’m sorry to be a bummer(yes, I said that word), but if you’re anything like me then you’ve got past the three amazing’ days of festiveness and may be feelin’ a little bit baffled. Don’t get me wrong I’ve loved the past few days spending time with my family, friends, boyfriend and puppy but I can’t help shake off that lost feeling too.
Seriously, I’m constantly thinkin’ what day is it? Feelin’ that I should be doing something rather than sittin’ on my now even larger ass, or socialising at the pub being all cheery and wild. Whether I’m blogging, working, attending events, writing or more, I never seem to be on my own. So when that alone time comes it can seem a little over whelming or even make you feel like your totally wasting your time. I’m pretty sure i’m not alone when I say the above….but you never know so I thought I’d ramble it on down.

However after mounds of food, religiously watching The Kardashians and blogging lots, what I’ve realised today is that sometimes its truly amazing to be anti-social, a hermit and a little pig totally by yourself.  After all who doesn’t love a bit of their own company? Oh, and Frankie’s too.

 I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and here’s to being a lazy sloth like me without feeling’ the guilt!

x Em x


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  1. December 29, 2015 / 12:47 pm

    It's such a weird time of the year! I'm constantly thinking '…so what are we doing today??', it's really weird to have no structure. Let's make the most of it though 🙂 x

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