This post isn’t some massive thang that will have me ramblin’ on for ages. But is a little update to give you lovely lot a reasoning for my absence on the blog for the past two weeks. 

In absolute honesty i’ve been findin’ it hard to provide you with some content that wouldn’t be ridiculously boring/not even worthy of readin’. And in all honesty the reason for this is simply due to the ANNOYING BRITISH WEATHER.

With working full time everyday, settin’ off in the dark and arrivin’ home in the dark, well, it’s pretty hard to be shootin’ outfit photo’s for you all to have a nosy at! I know what your probably thinkin’  ‘lazy sod, do it on a weekend’ and you know what?I totally would if the rain wouldn’t pour it down 24/7. So, after this little break i’m determined to get back to it and find some possible way of shootin’ no matter what the weather. 

Either that or I quit and become a full time blogger…..oh, the dream haha. 

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

x Em x

P.s, New post will be up on Thursday- Hooray.


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