Readin’ this title you’d be thinkin’ that I’m rambling on about the age-old book that kids love, right? Well, my lovely lot I’m afraid to tell ya that you’d be wrong.  This blog post is dedicated to the amazin’ brand(which is better than the book) also named, Charlottes Web. 

Charlotte’s Web, if you don’t know, is an online boutique which specialises in fair traded products, whether it be clothing, jewellery or accessories. The pretty lil’ details are not only ridiculously beautiful but also sourced in an amazing way that you’d probably be wonderin’ why you don’t purchase items from places like this more often! I know, I know it’s sometimes seen easier to hit the hughstreet, but trust me even if you invest a little in online boutiques like this, you’d feel amazing happiness.

Anyways, enough ramblin’ on…i’ll give you a little brief background on just what this site is about;
Founded several years ago as an outlet for sourcing beautifully crafted goods from an ethical environment, the business has grown strength by strength. From the founders’ love of India as a country, their inspiring people and the crafts they could provide, she saw it only right to create a brand that could benefit both the communities and the business itself. I’ll be honest, and I fully admit that I do have a ridiculous obsession with rings and the majority of the time they are sourced(aka bought cheaply) from my local high street. So when this opportunity to choose a beautiful piece came my way, I was damn right on board. As after all the quick fix rings are a good solution to your fashion needs, but they ain’t so great when you think of not only how it makes your hand green eventually, but the way it can be unfairly produced.
Read about their story here.

Thanks to Charlotte’s Web I will seriously treasure this spinning ring’ and wear it constantly. With it’s spinning detail, textured cut and different tones, it’s an absolute bloody beauty!
For those of you who fancy a little nosey at this wonderful ring or more of the brand then be sure to click here.  Otherwise take a peek below at some shots of my amazing ring.

-Excuse the old lady, wrinkled hands…I got them from my mother.

-With love, Em x


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