Every year Mother’s day rolls around and I try to have a lil’ think to myself just what Sue(the mother) would like. She really ain’t the hardest person to buy for but seriously there is only so many cups I can buy her. FYI she has an obsession with cups….we’re unsure why as when there is only one of you living in the house you really don’t need 65? If any of you lovely lot are havin’ this little dilemma too and wondering what the hell you can buy em’ then look no further than this little post. 

This post doesn’t aim to show you loads of flashy stuff, as Mother’s day doesn’t mean gift after gift, as after all I’m pretty sure all your mothers would be bloody grateful for anything. This day is seriously for appreciation, as not only did they raise you well( not tootin’ me own horn or anythang) but they’ve gave endlessly to get you here. So, let’s get treatin’ em’ well and be sure to shop one of my top picks for the day, below- whatever your budget may be!

The ‘IT’ Winter hat

-Known as the bobbie hat with it’s warm textures and pom pom detail, it’s seriously the Winter hat of the season. This lil’ beauty is by Bobbi and comes detachable so you can customise the bobble on the top! Perfect for those freezin’ as ever mornings. 

The typical mum present; The mug. 

-The easiest of presents and probably one of the best. Simple idea, low in costing and an all round fave. Being a total tea addict, if i was given this I’d seriously love it. Or for coffee too, you know if you like that kinda thing…

P.s I’m a lover of Cath Kidston mugs. To shop the whole range click here

The age old easy idea and long-time fave; Flowers

-Always a winner with Sue(unless you buy lillies, they’re a no-go).

(Available at any local flower shop)

And if you want to go that little extra mile…

Olivia Burton watch( click here to shop)

-Because seriously, who can’t have enough watches…

P.s it’s not all about gifts, makin’ that fry up or a big walk in the park does the job too. 

Em x

All photos sourced via polyvore app*


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